Flu, NyQuil, and Squirrel Grooming

I have the flu.  I realized I had the flu Saturday morning when I ached like I’d been beaten and was shaking so hard my teeth rattled.  At least it explained why I’d been feeling kind of crappy the previous couple of days. 
Who gets the flu Labor Day Weekend?  There’s just something wrong with that.  The weather was beautiful, Aaron was home from college, and I was lying in bed glassy-eyed all weekend.  I tried to go back to work today and ended up home in bed about halfway through the day.
So I’ve been living in jammies (good thing), losing weight because of the fever and a poor appetite (good thing), and taking NyQuil on a regular basis (bad thing, bad thing, bad thing).  What’s in NyQuil?  It works wonders when I’m sick, gets me some much-needed rest, keeps the fever down – but what’s up with the hallucinogenic dreams?  This afternoon I dreamt I was grooming squirrels with a toothbrush.  First off, I hate squirrels, at least the mutant ninja squirrels in my backyard, and would be much more likely to attack them with a sharpened toothbrush than chase them around brushing their fur.  Secondly . . . I can’t really remember.  Going back to bed now.  More coherent post at a later date – sigh.

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