Food I Can’t Eat After Gastric Sleeve

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is a life-altering experience. It should be. It’s a last-ditch effort for an obese person to lose weight they’ve been unable to lose through diet and exercise. It’s a major abdominal surgery under general anesthesia with an overnight hospital stay. Extensive preparation and medical clearance are required, as well as mandatory one-on-one sessions with a dietitian, counselor, and nurse specialist. It’s a big deal.

There are three bariatric surgery options at this point in time: the band, the sleeve, and the bypass. Usually the patient is allowed to make the choice of procedure themself (unless there’s a medical condition that rules out one or more of the options). It took me a long time to decide surgery was the way to go, and just as long to decide which was the right procedure for me. I chose the sleeve and here’s why I’m glad I did.

I can eat anything. I can eat celery, asparagus, and other fibrous foods, because there’s no artificially small opening for them to get lodged in. I can eat bread, pasta, even a mini-cupcake should a special occasion arise. Bypass patients can’t do this for a long while, if ever, because they simply can’t digest them.

My daily food goal? Three meals, no snacks. Each meal can be 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup total in volume, with half of that being protein. I need to eventually hit sixty grams of protein a day, but that’s a work in progress. I put protein powder in my coffee every morning and eat nuts on everything I can reasonably put them on.

But it’s wonderful to know that there isn’t a single thing that I have to say I can never eat again. Because that’s exactly what I’d crave – it’s just the way I’m wired. Just a little tidbit of info for anyone out there considering bariatric surgery, or just trying to eat healthier. Portion control is where it’s at – not counting calories or points or grams of fat. ┬áJust sayin’.

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