Friday Favorites ~ Blog Improvement and College Kids

Friday Favorites

25 Tips to Make Your Blog More Accessible by The Lady Bloggers Society. I was VERY proud of myself for catching up and finishing the SITS/ProBlogger “31 Day to Build a Better Blog” Challenge, but if you’re looking for something a little more abbreviated check this out. It’s a good checklist for new and experienced bloggers alike.

The People In My Life I Appreciate by Catherine at The Vogue Vocalist. If you think all teenagers are thoughtless and self-absorbed read this with tissue in hand. I was crying before I finished the first paragraph. She’s a wonderful young woman who’s heading off to college today. Good Luck Catherine!

College Move-In Day for Aaron Just in case there’s anyone in the world I haven’t bored to tears with my ongoing drama about moving my firstborn into his Freshman dorm last weekend. And here’s a “proud mom” update: He made tenors on the drum line! (Those are the several drums together in a semicircle around the drummer – very heavy and extremely cool)

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites ~ Blog Improvement and College Kids”

  1. These are great – I'll have to stop by and read them. Congrats for making it through the SITS challenge…I wish I could have joined in on the fun but I knew I could NEVER keep up 🙁

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