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Has everyone tried ELF cosmetics? If you haven’t, head over there ASAP. It’s for everyone, those of you who won’t go out of the house until you’re ready for a cover shoot and those (like me) whose hair-and-makeup goal in the morning is just not to scare small children. Either way, you want high quality products and tools, and ELF has them. I have now ordered from them about a half dozen times, things for myself and to give as gifts. I replaced all my makeup brushes, which was well overdue since my last set of makeup brushes was a gift from when I was in high school and nearly all had either been lost or the boys had used them to paint with when they were small. Oh, and once Jack put makeup on the dog. Anyway, I got a 9-piece set of brushes for $15, which is an outrageous steal! And these brushes are fabulous, you can tell as soon as you pick them up. I also got a new eyelash curler to replace the pink plastic one I’d had since college. It’s sturdy and comfy and it cost . . . $1. Yes, $1. A lot of the products at ELF cost $1, so you can buy several colors of blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick for what you’d pay for one anywhere else. I love the plumping lip glaze, the bronzer, and the mineral foundation. The only things I’ve ordered that I wasn’t 100% happy with were their “bath and body” products, but I’m extremely picky about anything involving scent and should probably never order that stuff online anyway. Now the sizes of the products are small, not “trial-size”, but smaller than what you normally buy, which for me was a plus since it takes me forever to use anything up. Happy shopping! After you’ve stocked up on beauty products don’t forget to check out some more frugal ideas at The Thrifty Home’s Penny Pinching Wednesday.
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