Frugal Fundraising AND A GIVEAWAY

OK, we’re over halfway through the school year. Who’s sick of fundraisers? Have you bought overpriced wrapping paper and candy? Subscriptions to magazines you won’t read? Raffle tickets for things you don’t even want to win? Fruit that you let rot (ICK)? I don’t do it anymore. I will only support fundraisers that involve buying things I would have bought anyway, and for reasonable prices. They are out there, I swear. There’s a local Boy Scout Troop that sells bagged mulch. It costs a little more than what you buy at WalMart or wherever, but they deliver it for you and stack the bags wherever you like (ten by the front flower beds and twenty by the backyard swing, please!). When my oldest son was in the Troop I sold so much mulch he was the top salesman for two years in a row. THIS was a fundraiser I could get behind, and it was good exercise for the boys. I’ve done fundraisers with frozen cookie dough in early December, and I wish every year I could find some kid selling that again – I’d make their day! Pumpkins at Halloween, bedding plants in the Spring, greenery at Christmas. It’s all stuff we’re going to buy anyway and nearly everyone is willing to spend just a little more than the bargain price when part of the money is going to a good cause. Then there are fundraisers that cost NOTHING. These are my favorites. There’s a company that lets non-profit groups buy gift cards from major retailers and gives a percentage back. They’re called Great Lakes Scrip and I highly recommend them. There are also Kroger cards, reloadable to support your school or organization, and many credit cards will let you specify a school to whom they will donate a percentage of your purchases (check out their websites for details). One of my favorites is Boxtops for Education. Remember when you had to remember to tear off boxtops, and soup labels, and all that and send it to school so your kids would get credit for this kind of fundraiser? Yeah, bad mom, I never could remember to do that. But now it’s easy! Sign up for this program and when you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger card your child’s school automatically gets the credit! And then they email you and tell you about the points you’ve earned so you feel all worthy and stuff – I love that part. Right now when you sign up you even get bonus boxtop credits to get you started, and it only takes a couple of minutes, so go ahead! Now here’s the giveaway: A $25 Kroger gift card – WOO HOO! Save it for a week you know you’re going to go over your grocery budget or spend it all on Milano cookies, OPI nail polish, and trashy magazines (not that I’d do that or anything). Anyway, here’s how to get it. Comment on this post – tell me about your favorite fundraiser ever, or how a particular fundraiser (i.e. Boxtops for Education) has helped your school or organization. That’s one chance. Sign up for the Boxtops for Education program through the link above and leave me another comment to let me know you’ve done it. That’s two. Follow this blog and leave another comment to let me know you’re following. That’s three. Enter through February 21st and I’ll announce the winner Monday, February 22. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: General Mills provided me with a $25 Kroger gift card, information, and the $25 giveaway gift card through MyBlogSpark. All opinions expressed are my own – so there!

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9 thoughts on “Frugal Fundraising AND A GIVEAWAY”

  1. This year I was done with the fundraisers at school and i just wrote the school a check each time one came around.

    THis way, they got to keep the entire money I would have spent and I didn't get useless crap!

  2. I wish our boy scouts sold mulch for their fundraiser, I would buy that. Our scouts always post flags around the neighborhood on holidays and charge a yearly fee. If you don't pay the fee, everyone knows, because you don't have a boy scout flag in your yard on holidays.

  3. As far as school fundraisers….. Poinsettias at Christmas time.

    I just finished participating in a fundraiser for church raising money for the mission team going to South East Asia for a Water Project. We sold homemade candy to church members at Valentine's Day.

    Thanks for this post on the boxtops…..I'm still clipping them! I'm glad to see there is a better way!

  4. Our elementary school has a yearly "Fun Run". The kids collect money for each lap that they run. The school makes a big deal out of the event–a local DJ plays music to keep the kids pumped up and there is a pep rally before the race. It brings in tons of money and it all stays at the school. Yea!

  5. Our school has some sort of fundraiser more months than not. Can you say DRAG? My fave is the walk-a-thon. It is healthy and fun for the kids and 100% stays at our school. The money raised is used to purchase new PE equipment.

  6. We do Box Tops at my school where I teach…this is definitely my favorite because it is cash that goes straight into my tiny classroom budget! It's wonderful!

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