Frugal Skin Care ~ Sugar Scrub Recipe

sugar scrub
Here’s my contribution to this week’s Penny Pinching Wednesday at The Thrifty Home. If you haven’t checked it out yet, stop by and join in – we all need to share some frugal ideas this time of year! This recipe is a perfect example of my favorite type of shopping and/or crafting: “One for you, one for me . . .” I will absolutely be keeping a jar of this in my bathroom all the time, but I’ll also be being making up a few batches to put in pretty jars and give as gifts after I add a pretty ribbon and a handmade tag.

Just mix together 2 cups sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil (I used 7 drops of lavender). Most of the recipes I found used more oil and less sugar, but I found that to be too greasy and the sugar all sank to the bottom quickly so it had to be stirred or shaken before use – ICK. I tried this version out this morning after making it yesterday afternoon, and it had not separated at all, the texture was pleasant to the touch, the scent was pleasant but not overpowering, and WOW does it work well! I couldn’t believe what a difference this made on my elbows and heels. Oh, and it didn’t leave the shower sticky or oily, either. Just remember this does have to be stored in a glass container – the essential oils will be absorbed by a plastic one.

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14 thoughts on “Frugal Skin Care ~ Sugar Scrub Recipe”

  1. This is brilliant!!! I didn't realize it was so easy to make a sugar scrub!! It's the perfect gift for some of my girlfriends at Christmas!

    Where do you find essential oils?

  2. Thanks for the recipe and the tips on the oil. Where do you buy the oil? I agree this would make awesome homemade Christmas gifts!


    1. I get mine at the health food store. Although the small bottles do seem pricey, a few drops goes a LONG way. You can also make the scrub without the scented oils, using only plain vegetable oil, and get the same good results for your skin – just no pretty smell 😉

  3. do you use essential oil or just the kind of scented oils they use to make candles and such?
    also, do I need to use olive oil or can I use vegetable oil? will it make a difference?
    How long does this stuff stay “good” before having to dispose of it?

    1. I use essential oils. I’ve used both olive oil and regular vegetable oil and the only difference I have found is the olive oil adds a distinctive color and slight scent – not bad, but I’ve made my last few batches with vegetable oil and no essential oil just for frugality and it’s working great. It never “goes bad”, but sometimes if it gets too soupy or too crusty in the jar I have to add a bit of extra sugar or oil to get it back to the consistency I like.

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