Fruit and Rice Salad

The other night I couldn’t sleep, and I was craving the rice and pineapple salad my mom used to make.  So the next morning I called her to ask for the recipe.  Her response: “I don’t know what’s in that salad.  Why are you asking me?”  Um, because you used to make it all the time?  I named a few possible ingredients I’d found in an internet search for “Pineapple Rice Salad”, but the best she could give me was a “maybe”.  So I decided to wing it.

I remembered the salad being slightly sweet, and I figured it had to have something in it to hold the rice and the crushed pineapple together, so I bought cool whip.  All the recipes I’d found called for marshmallows, but I just didn’t remember Mom’s salad having marshmallows in it.  This is what I ended up with:

I mixed two cups cooked rice (cooled), one can of crushed pineapple (drained), and a small container of blueberries.  It actually held together very well, so the cool whip is still sitting in my fridge waiting to bond with some chocolate pudding.  It’s a wonderful healthy salad when you want something more substantial than just fruit, but it’s too hot to eat a full meal.  I think next time I’ll add some kiwi, too 🙂

Update:  My nineteen year-old is currently doing the “Insanity” workout plan (lots of cardio) and he says this has been a perfect pre-workout snack.

I’m linking this up to Once a Month Mom on Sunday for Salad Sundays: Blueberry Week.  My whole family loves blueberries, so I’m hoping to find lots of new recipes to try!

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2 thoughts on “Fruit and Rice Salad”

  1. Maybe you’re thinking of “Glorified Rice” which does have marshmallows, but they’re melted, so you wouldn’t recognize them as marshmallows. This is what holds everything together. Crushed pineapple, white rice, and marshmallows. I think that’s all that’s in it. And you’re right–it has an amazing subtle flavor you can’t forget! I don’t think I’d even mess with the recipe by using marshmallow cream; I remember mixing up the marshmallows in the hot rice, and the marshmallows would melt.

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