Frustration, apathy, and Incompetence

— 1 —

This is me day two without internet or land line thanks to the incompetence of Insight Communications.  It’s not a pretty picture.  Thank goodness for my iPhone, but have you ever tried to write a blog post on an iPhone?

— 2 —

I think that scheduling a repair visit for “sometime today” (any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.) is ridiculous.  Yesterday I got no errands done and my husband had to miss my son’s choral concert and, of course, the Insight repair people never showed.  Nor did they call.

— 3 —

Saying, “I understand this is very frustrating for you.” in a completely apathetic tone of voice does not comfort me.  In fact, on the second day I hear it, it makes me envision violence.

— 4 —

I tried to go all Dooce last night and tweeted about how frustrated I was with Insight as well as with my short-term disability insurance provider, Cigna.  Silly me, I thought that I’d bought disability insurance to help cover my bills should I be off work due to injury or illness.  Since they haven’t paid me for over five weeks with no explanation evidently that isn’t the purpose at all.

— 5 —

Cigna did respond to my snarky tweet, which suggested people carefully check into which disability insurance provider they would be choosing at Open Enrollment time, which is coming up soon for most of us.  I emailed the guy who tweeted me back, so we’ll see if the thousands of dollars they owe me magically show up today (along with the Insight repair person).

— 6 —

I realize I should be using this time without internet access or a land line to read something inspiring, pray, or perhaps write.  But I’m having a hard time letting go of my frustration with people who are obviously not doing their jobs.  There are so many people unemployed in this country, people who would love to work for Insight or Cigna and would be willing to be pleasant and dependable in return for a regular paycheck.  Why don’t they fire these lazy, apathetic losers and hire people who want to show up and do a good job every day?

— 7 —

Thanks for listening to, err, reading my rant.  I do feel better for it.  But I still intend to stay in my favorite Nick and Nora flannel pajamas all day.  They are bright blue with huge red lobsters dressed as Santa on them and will clearly convey my state of mind to the repair person and hopefully convince him or her to fix my problem quickly and move along to a more sane and stable customer.

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3 thoughts on “Frustration, apathy, and Incompetence”

  1. AMEN sister! With today’s economy, you would THINK that employees would want to word extra hard to KEEP their coveted jobs. I know SO MANY people without jobs, or on unemployment or whatever that would LOVE a good job. But no, we still have to deal with the a$$holes of this world. That is my word for the week. A$$hole. I’ve dealt with SO many this week!!!

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