Gastric Sleeve – Almost Three Weeks Postop

Warning: This post contains my ugly “before” belly pic – scars and all! But if you’ve been to a waterpark in the last few years you’ve seen worse.

I saw my Bariatric Surgeon on Friday. She was pretty thrilled with how I was doing as far as weight, nutrition, and water intake. I’d been worried because I knew I wasn’t coming anywhere near my protein goal of sixty grams a day, but she told me that most people don’t come close to that until they are at least two months postop. That was a relief. And she was amused by my “weight loss plateau” when I didn’t lose a pound for a week. She assured me that when I came back in two weeks I’d have lost weight. I’ve probably lost since that visit, but I’m so conditioned to hate the scale that I keep forgetting to weigh in the mornings. And every veteran dieter knows the only accurate weight is a naked morning weight with an empty bladder and dry hair.

Oddly, the hardest thing to get used to has been “Don’t drink while you’re eating.” It just feels so unnatural to me. Oh, and I have to stay on mushy food for two more weeks, so of course I’m craving a nice, crunchy salad. Celery sounds awesome right now, which proves that we always crave exactly what we can’t have :/ She did say my incisions were healed enough for me to start using Nerium Firm, so here’s my official “before Firm” belly shot:
belly before
I left it uncropped, because Boss wanted to show off his perfect dog physique. He never overeats and gets plenty of exercise. It’s amazing how loose the skin on my abdomen is already! But want to hear something totally unexpected about this weight loss? It’s where I’m losing it from first!

Where do we lose weight from first, veteran dieters? Breasts. Yep, unless you bought ’em, they’re usually the first to go. But not this time! I started losing weight first from my . . . hips and thighs! Yes, go ahead, be jealous. I’m ready to call the Vatican to report a documented miracle. And I’m gonna be honest here – I haven’t been following all the rules 100%. Yes, big shocker there, the stubborn nurse doesn’t follow the rules. When I was so worried about my protein intake (I was actually just worried my hair would start to fall out) I added a high-protein, low-cal smoothie as a snack. No snacks! So I’m not doing that anymore. But my husband did buy me wine, and I had a half-glass with the premier episode of Fear The Walking Dead and I’m planning on having another half-glass tonight. Yep, I’m a wild, rule-breaking party animal!

Who’s got questions? Bring ’em on, I’m all about sharing this experience!

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