Getting Better All The Time

— 1 —

This is a big week. Catherine (my DIL) had an important interview yesterday, and Aaron presents his capstone project today. They graduate very soon, and I can’t believe they’ve been away at college four years already! I’m so excited about the changes they’ll see in their lives as they reap the benefits of their years of hard work 🙂

— 2 —

John’s got some excitement going on as well – tryouts on Monday for the position on tenors for next year’s marching band that he wants so much and has been practicing hard to earn.

— 3 —

We had a wonderful Easter visit with Dad and Edie – my city dogs got to pretend they were farm dogs (except they were on long leads to prevent stupid and fatal mistakes) and we were able to sit and talk and laugh – something everyone needs more of. I got a second helping Wednesday night with a group of old friends, and then with Mom and Greg. Laughing until your face hurts is the way it ought to be done – and on a regular basis!

— 4 —

After long talks with my physical and mental health care providers I’m moving in a new direction in the management of my pain and my overall personal health. I’ll be blogging about it in the months to come, but right now I’m taking the painful “before” pictures and taking careful notes on my daily activity limits, symptoms, and pain levels. Here’s a link to an old report about the tools I’ll be using. It’s from before they were even being tested on humans, let alone available to the public!

— 5 —

My visit with my therapist was extremely productive this week – I just need to work a little harder on asking for and accepting help. I’m getting there, though!

— 6 —

I can’t do long walks, but short ones are irresistible this time of year, with the perfect weather and all the plants and trees blooming. One of by top ten regrets with my disability is that I can’t walk our dogs. When I borrow a dog, though . . .


Isn’t she adorable? Some of the other pics from this walk went into the “before” file – namely the ones Michael shot from behind me – YIKES!!

— 7 —

Please stop by and visit Dianna today at The Kennedy Adventures – I’m guest posting and sharing recipes!

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