Girlfriend Chats

Girlfriends talk about anything and everything.  We talk all the time.  These days, we talk on the phone, we chat in person, we tweet and text and email.  And if  we are real, true friends, it doesn’t matter if we haven’t communicated at all in six months – we just dive back in like it was yesterday.  We share all the details about our families back three generations and out to second cousins once removed.  Odds are, we could pick out clothes and shoes for each other, place each other’s orders in a restaurant, and put away each other’s groceries.  Men don’t understand this.  They can play golf with another man, be alone with him in a quiet, open field for four hours, and not even know if he has siblings.  I swear.  Go ask the nearest man if you don’t believe me.

See?  Told ya.  Anyway, when we talk, or tweet, or text, or email we’re usually doing something else at the same time.  Because we are women, and that’s how we roll. We’re at work, or cooking dinner, or cleaning house, or helping with homework, or pulling weeds, or something.  So we often get a bit distracted.  And that’s when the fun starts.  Dianna and I were on the phone recently, discussing Jungian psychology and conjugating verbs in Latin, and we wandered onto the topic of the cold weather and how Dianna was trying to keep warm on her daily runs.

Baklava.  Will not keep you warm if you wear it, but tastes fabulous.  I want some right now, but it’s WAY too much trouble to make.  Please send baklava.

Balaclava.  Excellent choice for keeping you toasty warm while running in frigid Kentucky temperatures.  Not good to eat.

We had a good giggle, and then moved on to discussing quantum physics and dumplings.  Sooner or later, we made a full circle back to running, and a device Dianna had a hankering for.

Garmin.  Evidently the “gold standard” for runners as far as tracking your time and distance.

Garmin.  Can be personalized with sexy Australian guy voice or sexy British girl voice, but not very useful strapped to your running shoe.

And the best part is, we each though the other was hilarious, not a doofus, and we’ll probably still be bringing up these inside jokes ten years from now.  I love girlfriend chats!

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18 thoughts on “Girlfriend Chats”

  1. stopping by from LBS Tea – and I’m a fan of girlfriends chatting, as well as Baklava!! Cute post – made me giggle (and made me want to call a friend, too!) Nice to meet you!

  2. I ran, in the yucky cold RAIN, with nary a baklava, or bavaclava in sight.

    My Garmin will be here Tuesday — the exact one in the picture. I think we shall have to give it a name ….. like Gidget, perhaps?

    I can verify that this conversation is 100% true, and 110% hysterical laughter ensued on both parts.

  3. What a cute post and soooo true! I love that even when I know I’m being a huge dork my friends will still laugh along with me. True friends are the ones you’re not afraid to embarrass yourself in front of. Lol. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers! Cheers!

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