Goodbye BeSkiBiMo, Hello 3 in 30!

Well, I certainly didn’t lose the twenty pounds I wanted to this month, but I lost five and kept them off.  And that’s not too shabby for a month in which most people gain weight!  I’m considering signing up for 3 in 30 next month, which would involve setting three concrete short-term goals for the month, linking up a blog post about my progress once a week, and tweeting with the #3in30 hashtag (Oh, how I LOVE to tweet!).  “Goals” sound so much better than “resolutions”, don’t they?  So much more attainable!  Here’s to 2011 and to all of us achieving our goals, whatever they may be!

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9 thoughts on “Goodbye BeSkiBiMo, Hello 3 in 30!”

  1. Resolutions are such a waste of time. Goals are wonderful! For me weekly or monthly goals seem to work so much better. For example, my goal this week has been to do as little as possible. So far that is working out great for me. See you Saturday!

  2. Your Aunt Bev is a hoot. I love her!

    Anyway, I’m not sure about goals or resolutions yet for 2011. I’m still mulling it over. But if the above works for you, I’m all for it! Good luck!

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