Goodbye – I’m moving to Farmville

I love Farmville. I’m going to move into my log cabin with the horses in a field nearby and a picnic table and a birdhouse in the yard. It’s always summer there – I’ll never have to scrape frost off the windows of my harvester. If I work hard and harvest my crops in a timely manner like a good farmer I get more points. No one ever takes away points. Nobody comes over to my farm and plants crops I don’t like and then expects me to harvest them. All the animals seem pleasant enough, and one click turns all the sound off. If one of the pink cows has bad news for me, I don’t have to hear it. The ugly ducklings always transform into swans, not the other way around. Godzilla doesn’t stomp through, smashing tomatoes and raspberries. And if I don’t like one of the animals – perhaps a duck has a bad attitude – I just sell it. My farm, my rules. You know where to find me.
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2 thoughts on “Goodbye – I’m moving to Farmville”

  1. I'll join you… 😀 We got snow yesterday, there's no snow there right!

    Welcome to SITS! Come on over and check out my little giveaway.

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