“Guilty Pleasures” TV Shows

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You know the ones: You DVR them so you can watch in relative peace (and because they’re not appropriate for some family members). Everyone has their own. I’m going to share mine as well as a few popular ones that I just don’t “get”. Which ones do you watch?

— 1 —

Downton Abbey ~ Yes, the whole family can watch this, and I am SO into it. Part of it is Maggie Smith, who is brilliant, but most of it is just the mystery of living in that time period. I’d just as soon spend a week being a housemaid as one of the Ladies of the house – too many costume changes.

— 2 —

The Walking Dead ~ My fourteen-year-old and I can discuss this for hours on end. But what if . . . and Would you rather . . . begin nearly all our sentences. What we wouldn’t give for a day on the set, helping to make-up zombies! I even downloaded the Dead Yourself app, which lets you take a picture of yourself and “zombiefy” it. We even did the dogs 😉

— 3 —

Smash ~ I can’t sing or dance, but I love musicals and this “behind the scenes” look has me completely captivated.

— 4 —

Pregnant in Heels ~ Hopefully this hasn’t been cancelled. I haven’t seen it in a while. It just makes me feel great to know wealthy people can be complete idiots, too, even about pregnancy and childbirth. And Rosie’s so cool. I’d love to see some out-takes with her talking about what she really thinks about her clients!

— 5 —

Project Runway ~ This one is a little dangerous for me. I get attached to certain designers and am heart-broken when they don’t win. Then there’s Tim Gunn. I’d watch a show that was just him doing his daily errands – he’s my idol. The problem is this show tempts me to sew, and I can’t sew. Attempts at sewing at my house always end with me swearing, crying, and throwing things. Oh, yeah, kinda like Project Runway.

— 6 —

American Idol ~ My husband and I are probably the only two people in the United States who have never seen this show. I’m tone deaf and he’s a musician, so we both have good reasons for not watching.

— 7 —

Dancing With the Stars ~ I watched a few minutes once and it was painful. I can’t dance, but the little bit I saw was a total train-wreck. Never again.

— 8 —

The Bachelor ~ Maybe it’s because I’ve been married for over two decades, but I just don’t get this one. It creeps me out.

— 9 —

Storage Wars ~ This, like Hoarders, is a good one to watch if you feel like your house is dirty or full of junk. It helps put things in perspective. Then you can settle in for another episode of Dance Moms without guilt.

— 10 —

Pawn Stars ~ I just can’t take the disappointment. These people bring in what they thing are family heirlooms or major garage sale finds only to find out it’s junk.

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5 thoughts on ““Guilty Pleasures” TV Shows”

  1. I can honestly say I don’t watch any of these…yet, in some cases. The hubby has been talking about starting Downton Abbey, and the kiddo wants to start Walking Dead. My guilty pleasures at the moment are King of the Nerds (can’t decide if I’m rooting for Ivan or Genevive more…) and Duck Dynasty. I can’t believe I watch that show, and I’m sure a great deal of it is staged and/or fake, but it is quality entertainment, so I’m going with it.

    1. We got started late with King of the Nerds, but we’re totally loving it. I wanted SO MUCH to be part of the team building the huge Rubic’s Cube 😉

      1. I was all over the super heroes debate or writing and performing the anthem. Although that segment made me realize how long ago they taped this- when they were meeting with the choreographers for the anthem, they had NappyTabs from So You Think You Can Dance, and she was still pregnant. They had their baby about halfway through the competition last summer, so this show had to have been recorded last July or August. Can you imagine having to keep a secret that long? Damn.

  2. Well you know where I stand on the Walking Dead, and I can’t believe you didn’t mention True Blood, which I cannot live without. My other guilty pleasure is Survivor. My hubby and I are both addicted to it. I’m always shocked at how much they lie, and how EVERYONE BELIEVES EVERYONE ELSE. Every time.

    1. How did I not mention True Blood? Maybe because I was a bit disappointed in last season. Hopefully the coming season will get me more enthused. I watched Survivor one season early on and found it so addictive I haven’t watched since – I was thinking about it ALL THE TIME!

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