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For a Social Studies project this week John had to write haikus.  I’m trying not to be a total slacker mom, so I wrote a couple of my own to inspire him and show him how easy it is.  You know, “Look, even MOM can do this!”  Let me give you a little background before you read my creations.  I am a nurse.  Nurses wear scrubs.  Therefore, I wear scrubs.  Until now.  In January the company I work for was assimilated (resistance is futile) by a large corporation.  They announced that the nurses who do what I do would be required to wear dress clothes.  All the other nurses get to wear scrubs and got a nifty gift certificate to buy their first few sets.  GRRR.  A couple of weeks ago this policy went into effect.

These shoes are NOT as comfy as they look.

I love scrubs

Sneakers on my feet

Drawstrings, no stains, no wrinkles

Pockets without end


I hate dress clothes

Missing navy socks

Must iron black pants, find earrings

Dress shoes pure torture


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