Happy Birthday Beverly!

Sixty-five years ago today something wonderful happened. My dad got a little sister and my grandparents got their first daughter – Beverly had arrived! I hear she was cute and charming from day one except for isolated incidents of misbehavior (jumping on the bed, falling through the bedroom wall) and shoe-throwing (at her brother because he laughed when she got a spanking – the shoe broke a window and earned her another spanking). She went to Russell Cave Elementary

and graduated from Bryan Station High School, where she was a cheerleader. I can’t find the picture I was looking for, but she totally rocked her cheerleader uniform! That’s my dad on the right and my Aunt Sandy on the left. As you check out Beverly’s ‘do remember that neither mousse nor bumpits were invented yet when this picture was taken.

She has lived most of her adult life in the South and nearly always worked in the Hospitality industry. She loves animals and has always treated her pets like pampered children.
We didn’t get to see her often during those years, but when she did hit town it was cause for a party. These pictures are from Thanksgiving 1985:

This is Beverly and my grandmother on the back porch setting out the food. Who would have guessed that all these years later that Beverly would have moved home to Kentucky and be a food blogger, naming her blog after this same back porch!
This was taken on the steps up to the back porch. Can’t you just see in my grandparents’ faces how proud they are of their children and how much they are enjoying having them home? I love this picture.

Here’s Beverly today. I had to get my dad to send me a picture because all the ones I have of her are blurred – probably because she’s always in motion. Just scroll back up to the bouffant picture and change the hair to a casual blond bob and put a cup of coffee in one hand, a cigarette in the other. Oh, and a donkey or two.There – that’s Beverly! I think she has more energy at 65 than I did in my twenties. She is a nurturer – always taking care of everyone around her, humans and animals alike. Something bothering you? She’ll give you an honest opinion, say a prayer for you, then feed you something delicious and tell you a funny story to take your mind off it. It’s like one-stop shopping! She’s strong and smart and talented, and I’m so glad she’s my friend and part of my family. And now she’s enriching the lives of others through her blog, Beverly’s Back Porch. Stop by today and wish her a happy birthday!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beverly!”

  1. I could kill you. Where did you get all these awful pictures. How have I missed this all day. Wait, you will have a birthday and you know what they say about pay back.

  2. And this is what I love about blogging, that I have the pleasure to read her blog too! She is SO upbeat and happy and thank you for the pics because now I can put a face to a name!

    I have to wish her a happy day now.


    Hey? Who bakes HER a cake?!

  3. Thank you thank you Angie for posting these pictures. They are wonderful, as is your tribute to your aunt. I'll look forward to seeing what Beverly does for your birthday.

  4. This is too funny. I have been reading your Aunt's blog for months and just started reading yours recently with no idea that there was any connection at all. I came upon them both independent of each other and enjoy them both immensely. It really is a SMALL world.

  5. What an awesome tribute. I think I shall show that bouffant hairdo to my 10-year-old; she loves her bumpit and will be mighty impressed that Beverly's do was achieved without one!

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