Happy Oaks Day!


— 1 —

If you like in or around Louisville, Kentucky, you know what Oaks Day is. The rest of the world doesn’t care. The Kentucky Derby has grown over the years from one day to two days, to a week, to the current two-week Festival it is now. If you live here you embrace it or endure it – there’s no in-between. Major streets are closed for multiple events, so you have to remember when the mini-Marathon (and full marathon) is run, which day is Parade Day, and don’t go near Churchill Downs unless that’s your final destination. Oh, and if you have to work on the morning of the balloon race go before dawn. Otherwise you just might end up in a traffic pile-up that lasts for hours. I did almost have a hot air balloon land on my car once. But we were chasing the balloons, so that was OK. Don’t make doctor’s appointments, schedule tests or surgeries, or even try to get prescriptions filled. Stock up at the grocery and hunker down to ride out the storm.

— 2 —

 I’ll be spending Derby Weekend binge-watching Netflix and some TV episodes I’ve DVRd. I loved the first season of Scandal, but the second season is irritating me to no end. I didn’t take a single political science class in college, but even I know the First Lady can’t run for political office while her husband is President. Duh! Are the writers stupid, or do they just assume the viewing public is?

— 3 —

I got a haircut for the first time in about a year, and it feels so wonderful! She had to take off about two inches just to get rid of the damage. And then my wonderful husband bought me a wet brush, and de-tangling this curly mop of mine is a breeze. I have no idea what makes the brush special – it looks like an ordinary hairbrush. But I can de-tangle my hair after a shower in half the time. Seriously.

— 4 —

I’m always way late to the party, so I have on my first sample of Jamberry nails. They are so stinkin’ cute! And they remind me not to nibble on my nails when stressed.

— 5 —

At the State Foreign Language Festival last weekend the top three places in Japanese all went to Eastern High School students! John took second with his “film noir” – huge thank-yous to his friends who did all the acting! (Don’t know if this will actually show the film, but it’s the best I can do with John not home!)


— 6 —

I thought I might be inspired to do a bit of re-decorating (or at least some cleaning) after watching a few episodes of a show from the DIY channel. Unfortunately, Holmes Inspection convinced me that we probably have mold, termites, asbestos, lead paint, and a faulty foundation in addition to our electrical and plumbing issues. So I’ll just leave everything as-is. The dirt’s probably what’s holding the whole thing up, anyhow!

— 7 —

Lastly, I’d like to ask for prayers for a wonderful family who lost someone suddenly this week. She was a much-beloved daughter, sister, mother, and aunt who was taken long before her time. Please join me in praying for strength and peace for her family – I’d truly appreciate it.

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  1. #5: The best Japanese movie that I’ve seen (which is like 3 of them) is “Shall We Dance”. The American version of it with J.Lo doesn’t even hold a candle to the original version in Japanese.

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