Happy Sights in my Yard ~ Feel Good Friday

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend and I can’t wait to piddle around in the yard a bit since some of my favorite perennials are in bloom right now – IRIS! I can’t decide which I love the most, Blue Suede Shoes, a supposed rebloomer (just not for me) that’s planted right by my front door
or this one, from my sister-in-law Marcia’s garden
or this one, from my grandmother’s garden

Of course right now I find this just as attractive

There’s nothing like a freshly sealed driveway to spruce things up! Stop by Feel Good Friday at The Girl Next Door Grows Up and share your happy thoughts this Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Sights in my Yard ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. I am running late today with comments. I just cut a big vase of yellow glads that are related to your yellow glads. It is going to storm and I didn't want them to get beat up. They are beautiful. I also really like your drive. Mark is wonderful isn't he.

  2. Can NOT wait for my Iris to bloom. I have a HUGE dark purple one next to the house and I can see color starting to come out. It's supposed to snow in MN so I'm hoping my plants survive!! I wish I had a driveway to seal. We have a gravel one and I'm tired of bringing in sand and rocks.

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words from FGF

  3. I love your beautiful Irises. They are my daughter's favorite flower. They are so classy and elegant.

  4. No wonder I can't grow anything, I can not even get the names right. I am saying glads and thinking IRIS. Your IRIS are beautiful and so are mine. I don't even have any glads. I love being old.

  5. I have a huge perennial garden that I planted last year and they all came up better than before – however tonight there is a FREEZE warning!!!!! I have to get them covered or I will cry.

    We need a new driveway. Really very bad. Your driveway is gorgeous!

    Happy Mother's Day!!

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