Happy to be Sending my Senior Back to School


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It was a difficult decision John agonized over for months, but it ended up being easy for him to not march his Senior Year.  He’s been able to hold down a part-time job easily while still having plenty of time to boost his GPA. He goes out to dinner with friends, goes bowling, sees movies, hangs out at home on a regular basis, and sleeps eight hours a week. He’ll be able to actually watch entire ballgames, attend school plays and choral concerts, go to school dances, etc.  It’s going to be a great year!

— 2 —

We were slackers over the summer and didn’t get any college visits done, so I think we may pair up with his friends who have similar interests and go together. More fun, and someone may have a question that is not on my three-page list. (Not likely, but possible.)

— 3 —

And here’s the happiest news: When John graduates in May he will be an uncle! That’s right, Catherine and Aaron are expecting!! I’m so excited about becoming a grandmother, just wish we lived closer together. Next door would be good. So depending on how long Catherine keeps her baby boards secret you may well see designs for a Star Trek nursery evolve. We’re calling the baby Little Worf for now, and we can use all the prayers and positive thoughts you have to spare to get this little one to term!! I’m going to be “Nonna” (Italian for grandmother) and Michael will be “Mokey”, a family nickname he’s had since birth.
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I have babies on the brain, and am so thankful I get to help my friend Lisa Tapp (yes, the writer) babysit her grandsons one night a week. I don’t know if it’s the age, the experience, or just the fact that I’m leaving at some point. But something makes the miserable crying of teething or the rain of tears during a tantrum soothing instead of frustrating. It’s so much easier to see the big picture of the little people they are becoming, and to savor the joy of each little milestone!

— 5 —

I have friends who have sent kids and grandkids off to college during the past couple of weeks, and I remember Aaron’s move-in day like it was yesterday. Moving John into a dorm next year will be hard, but I’ve decided to savor the joy. And I’m going to start preparing early so that I can enjoy that time with no distractions. Please send “empty nester” suggestions. I still leave the hall bathroom light on all night.

— 6 —

I love my new moccasins! I had a pair just like this in high school, and I either wore these, my Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals, or my leather Tretorns. Best Dressed I wasn’t, but always VERY comfy!

— 7 —

I haven’t hit a lick at a snake the past couple of weeks writing-wise, but I’ve had some new health issues come up. It’s all way too boring to share, but it has kept me from attending my last two chronic pain support group meetings, which I really could have used. They just tend to run long (two hours!) which is an hour and a half longer than I can sit on a good day. And I missed an awesome Nerium regional because I knew for sure that even with breaks I couldn’t make it through that. I’d like to think my pain doesn’t control my life, but in some ways it does 🙁 But I’m starting back writing ASAP, because it’s probably leaking out my ears my brain is so full of plot!

— 8 —

Adding an eighth because I’m also linking up to one of Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop prompts, specifically “8 things I’m dreading / looking forward to about sending the kids back to school”

Gerard the Sock Monkey is a coveted prize in this region of the country. He resides for a year with the winner of each year’s Writing Challenge at Louisville Romance Writers. And no, we don’t all write Romance – at least not entirely. I’m sure he’s disappointed in me because I’ve been slacking off the last week or so. So I adorned him with Olympic literary medals to motivate me. Tonight I shall write!!

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    1. I know – it’s crazy! Second grade was seriously just yesterday! And I have that exact pin in my “Little Worf” board that I guess I can go make unsecret now that the cat’s out of the bag!!

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