Harry Potter and Beedle the Bard

Jack spent all of last week in Lexington going to drama classes at Lexington Children’s Theater and being spoiled by grandparents. It was a “Harry Potter”-themed play, so when I called him after work every evening he’d have stories of being sorted into houses and playing Quidditch. Mom and Greg had sworn they were going to whip this kid into shape for me while he was there, have him doing chores, cleaning, saying “ma’am” and “sir”, eating vegetables, and going to bed on time. Yeah, right. They started by taking him to the grocery Sunday to let him pick out what he wanted to take for lunch during the week. Yes, they LET HIM PICK. Of course, everything he chose came from just two aisles in the grocery, and the produce aisle wasn’t one of them. It was junk food heaven. And once my mother noticed he was bringing home the crusts of his sandwiches in the ziplocks at the end of the day she (brace yourself) STARTED CUTTING THE CRUSTS OFF HIS BREAD. Yeah, we’ve got two and a half weeks until school starts and she does this to me. Now the kid is going to expect individual Doritos bags, gummy worms, and crustless sandwiches for lunch every day. They also went out to dinner every night, so now instead of asking, “What’s for dinner?” Jack asks “Where are we going for dinner?” To be honest, I think this is a great plan, but I can’t get the rest of the guys to fall in line. They seem to have gotten used to home-cooked food (my mistake). Of course, there were no chores or cleaning done, no “ma’am”ing or “sir”ing in evidence. In face, I called Mom one day before she picked Jack up and asked what they’d been doing and she told me he’d been teaching her to play some game on the Wii and after several attempts told her, “Mammaw, you SUCK at this game!”. Oh, yeah, that’s my little Mr. Manners. The video games went on until eleven each night, and then he could fall asleep watching TV in bed (?????) with my mom’s Yorkie, Winnie, who slept with him every night (AWWW). We brought the dog home with us yesterday so Mom and Greg could go on a mini-vacation to recover from their Jack time. They’ve already agreed to let him do camp there again next year, though (WOO HOO!)
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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and Beedle the Bard”

  1. I just started reading Harry Potter to my 5yr old. I think I like it more than he does!

    the theater looks like fun!

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