He Graduates in Twenty Days

He wore it all week.
His first week of Boy Scout Camp
in the Summer of 2003
He had just finished fifth grade
and he’d be gone for a week
a whole, entire week.
Gone all the way to Camp Daniel Boone
in the mountains of North Carolina
where he’d sleep in a tent
and swim in a cold mountain lake.
He came home tanned,
and filthy,
and very pleased with himself.
I thought he had a sore throat
from sleeping outdoors all week.
The I realized
his voice had started to change.
It’s hard to let them
grow up.

Disclaimer: One of this week’s prompts on Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop involves writing a 20-line poem dedicated to a favorite item of clothing. I’m not consciously trying to find things to get sappy and emotional about as my eldest chick prepares to leave the nest . . . really.
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10 thoughts on “He Graduates in Twenty Days”

  1. I can't believe you hung on to the hat.
    I love you, and I'll be here to offer you drinks over the next few weeks.

  2. Congratulations on his graduation. What are you doing to celebrate? My mom took me to a restaurant and I insisted that we go to the same place after I graduated college.

  3. It is really hard to believe Aaron is graduating. He is such a wonderful young man. I know you and Michael are very proud of him. It is all in the parenting and you guys are the best.

  4. DK, honey, I'll need more than drinks. I'll need a valium THIIIS BIIIG. Unless his sorry ass fails, and then I'll need a bail bondsman, 'cause I'll kill him. I love him, but I'll kill him. By the way, Beverly, if he DOES fail, I'll be deleting your "It's all in the parenting" comment. Just so you know.

  5. That makes me sad… all too soon my girl will be leaving the nest, also. We still have 2 years left to hang onto her, but talking about colleges and test scores and tuition have already started.

    Keep that hat as long as you want: I still have all the kids' baby food jars from when they started solid food!
    ; )

  6. Congratulations! Very sweet poem. My boys are only 10 and 7 but I'm imagining myself feeling that way in a few years too.

  7. Well then I will get all sappy for you! Ohhhh how are you handling it? I swear my girls will live at home through college!! They HAVE to!

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