Holy Week

— 1 —

It just isn’t fair to have acne and wrinkles at the same time. And there’s no more neaking my son’s topical acne meds, since to refill all his prescriptions would cost about $600 per month with our wonderful, new-and-improved health care coverage. Seriously, just to get a once-a-day antibiotic for acne is about $100, and no, there’s not a comparable $4/month antibiotic – Iasked. Ridiculous.

— 2 —

Michael’s birthday was this week, and fortunately I had a chocolate cake mix and a can of frosting in the cabinet, so it wasn’t a total birthday fail.

— 3 —

On the unfortunate side, our cell phones were shut on the next day, so that’s been inconvenient.

— 4 —

With the nice weather over the weekend I was able to supervise John doing some yard work, but then the rain moved in before things got finished. Maybe I’ll get the ivy down before it reaches the roof and starts burrowing under the shingles or maybe not.

— 5 —

CIGNA (my disability insurance company) sent my a letter saying they had transferred my case to a different representative. They do this every three months or so as another excuse not to pay me. This time I just copied the letter and had Michael drop it off at our lawyer’s office. I’m done fighting.

— 6 —

I hated missing Palm Sunday services (one of my favorites) and I’m not going to even try to make it to any of the other Holy Week services, either. The crowds, even for the least popular Mass times, were massive the Sunday before Palm Sunday, and my back just won’t last through a service that long.

— 7 —

One of the many entertaining perks of having a fifteen-year-old son:

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