Honey Badger Scarf

Seriously, I need to back away from Pinterest. Y’all know how I love the honey badger, and I found this on Pinterest the other day:

Source: etsy.com via Angie on Pinterest


The only thing that kept me from ordering several immediately was that it costs $200.  Actually, I can see where that amount of work would totally make it worth $200, but since I haven’t won the lottery recently I decided I’d have to make my own version of the honey badger scarf.  So, that very day, I raided my craft supplies cabinet, my children’s rooms, and the dogs’ toy box.  Here’s what I came up with.

What is pictured here is a chewed-up stuffed bear (nose missing), an old gray fleece scarf, an ivory fleece scarf I spilled coffee on, various glues (I ended up only using the “tacky glue”), a green blanket that has seen too many Scout camping trips, a piece of black fur that served as a beard when John did a project on Abraham Lincoln in elementary school, some cording and batting I didn’t use, and replacement bear noses.  We’d recently had a family heirloom bear mauled by the dogs, and they sell noses only in packs of three – who knew?

Then I went to Hobby Lobby, hoping to purchase some of those pre-made pipe-cleaner bumblebees.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Well, no one else did, so this is what I bought:

Less than $3 worth of supplies, and I was ready to create.  I made the bees first, so they could dry while I did the other stuff.

Big pom-pom, little pom-poms, white pipe cleaner, glue.  Easy-peasy.  The I gutted the poor stuffed bear, pulled out all his stuffing, and replaced his nose (noses and eyes are very easy to replace if you ever need to do so).  Then I cut him in half and glued some brown pipe cleaners on for nasty-a$$ honey badger claws.  This was the only part that didn’t work so well.  He may have to be clawless if the hot glue gun experiment tomorrow doesn’t work.  But that’s OK.  While I was waiting for his claws to dry I cut out the snake, gave him eyes with a sharpie, and added a red pipe cleaner tongue for good measure.  Once everything was dry I attached the snake with needle and thread.  Non-sewing people can do this.  It was only like three stitches.

Then I laid out the scarf, figured out where I wanted the front and back ends of the honey badger to be, and cut the ivory fleece scarf to fit to attach them.  It’s just glued to the bear’s fur and the gray scarf, but I did put a couple of stitches through all three layers (both scarfs and the bear) at two spots on the front end and two spots on the rear end because even without stuffing this bear was a bit heavy.  Oh, and I cut Abe’s beard into a honey badger tail and glued that on, too.  Then I glued the bees on wherever I thought they looked nice.  I glued the snake’s head to the scarf, but left his tail flopping around.   Here’s the finished product:

For $3 and less time than it takes to watch a DVRd episode of Real Housewives of Orange County I think it turned out pretty well!
* UPDATE: After drying overnight the claws were attached quite sturdily 🙂
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Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords, or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version at Amazon or a Nook version at Barnes and Noble!

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