Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn . . .

I haven’t joined in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in a while, but one of this week’s posts really spoke to me. No, it rapped to me. The second I read the prompt (Verse by verse, dissect a favorite song you had in seventh grade) this song started playing in my head. For anyone who graduated from high at any point during the eighties, you KNOW this song – admit it! For those of you who are a bit older or younger than that, this was the first mainstream Rap hit, which explains why even a nerdy white Kentucky girl like me played the album til it was flat worn out. I still remember most of the words, even though I have to look up my own cell phone number. I’m not actually going to dissect this verse by verse, because the joy is in reading the lyrics (very shocking and cutting edge back then – my mother was appalled) and appreciating their innocence. No police officers are gunned down in this song, no girlfriends beaten or raped, no drugs used. One of the rappers complains about his friend’s mother’s cooking skills, and another says he’ll steal Lois Lane away from Superman. Pardon me, I need to go dance around the house while “rapping” and embarrass my children.

Sugarhill Gang ~ Rapper’s Delight

i said a hip hop

the hippie the hippie

to the hip hip hop,

a you dont stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie,

say up jumped the boogie

to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat

now what you hear is not a test–i’m rappin to the beat

and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet

see i am wonder mike and i like to say hello

to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow

but first i gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie

say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie

let’s rock, you dont stop

rock the riddle that will make your body rock

well so far you’ve heard my voice but i brought two friends along

and next on the mike is my man hank

come on, hank, sing that song

check it out, i’m the c-a-s-an-the-o-v-a

and the rest is f-l-y

ya see i go by the code of the doctor of the mix

and these reasons i’ll tell ya why

ya see i’m six foot one and i’m tons of fun

and i dress to a T

ya see i got more clothes than muhammad ali and i dress so viciously

i got bodyguards, i got two big cars

that definitely ain’t the wack

i got a lincoln continental and a sunroof cadillac

so after school, i take a dip in the pool which really is on the wall

i got a color tv so i can see the knicks play basketball

hear me talkin bout checkbooks, credit cards

more money than a sucker could ever spend

but i wouldnt give a sucker or a bum from the rucker

not a dime till i made it again

everybody go, hotel motel what you’re gonna do today (say what)

cause i’m going to get a fly girl, gonna get some spanking drive off off in a fresh oj.

everybody go hotel, motel, holiday inn
say if your girl starts actin up, then you take her friend

master g, my mellow

its on you so what you gonna do

well it’s on n on n on on n on

the beat dont stop until the break of dawn i said m-a-s, t-e-r, a g with a double e

i said i go by the unforgettable name

of the man they call the master gee

well, my name is known all over the world

by all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls

i’m goin down in history

as the baddest rapper there ever could be

now i’m feelin the highs and ya feelin the lows

the beat starts gettin into your toes

ya start poppin ya fingers and stompin your feet

and movin your body while youre sittin in your seat

and the damn ya start doin the freak

i said damn, right outta your seat

then ya throw your hands high in the air

ya rockin to the rhythm, shake your derriere

ya rockin to the beat without a care

with the sureshot m.c.s for the affair

now, im not as tall as the rest of the gang

but i rap to the beat just the same

i dot a little face and a pair of brown eyes

all im here to do ladies is hypnotize

singin on n n on n on n on

the beat dont stop until the break of dawn

singin on n n on n on on n on

like a hot buttered a pop da pop da pop dibbie dibbie

pop da pop pop ya dont dare stop

come alive yall gimme what ya got

i guess by now you can take a hunch

and find that i am the baby of the bunch

but that’s okay i still keep in stride

cause all i’m here to do is just wiggle your behind

singin on n n on n on n onthe beat dont stop until the break of dawn

singin on n n on n on on n onrock rock yall throw it on the floor

im gonna freak ya here im gonna feak ya thereim gonna move you outta this atmosphere

cause im one of a kind and ill shock your mind

ill put t-n-t in your behind

i said 1-2-3-4, come on girls get on the floora-come alive, yall a-gimme what ya got

cause im guaranteed to make you rock

i said 1-2-3-4 tell me wonder mike what are you waitin for?

i said hip hop the hippie to the hippie the hip hip hop, a you dont stop the rock it

to the bang bang the boogie say up jumped the boogie

to the rhythm of the boogie the beat

skiddlee beebop a we rock a scoobie doo

and guess what america we love you cause ya rocked and a rolled with so much soul

you could rock till you’re a hundred and one years old

i dont mean to brag i don’t mean to boast

but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast

rock it up a baby bubbahbaby bubbah to the boogie da bang bang da boogie

to the beat beat, its so unique

come on everybody and dance to the beat

a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop

rock it rock it out baby bubbah to the boogie da bang bang

the boogie to the boogie da beat

i said i cant wait til the end of the week

when im rappin to the rhythm of a groovy beat and attempt to raise your body heat

just blow your mind so that you can’t speak

and do a thing bout a rock and shuffle your feet

and let it change up to a dance called the freak

and when ya finally do come in to your rhythmic beat

rest a little while so ya don’t get weak

i know a man named hank he has more rhymes than a serious bank

so come on hank sing that song

to the rhythm of the boogie da bang bang da bong

well, im imp the dimp the ladies pimp

the women fight for my delight

but im the grandmaster with the three mc’s

that shock the house for the young ladies

and when you come inside, into the front

you do the freak, spank, and do the bump

and when the sucker mc’s try to prove a point

we’re treacherous trio, we’re the serious joint

a from sun to sun and from day to day

i sit down and write a brand new rhyme

because they say that miracles never cease

i’ve created a devastating masterpiece

i’m gonna rock the mike till you cant resist

everybody, i say it goes like this

well i was comin home late one dark afternoon

a reporter stopped me for a interview

she said she’s heard stories and she’s heard fables

that i’m vicious on the mike and the turntable

this young reporter i did adoreso i rocked some vicious rhymes like i never did before

she said damn fly guy im in love with you

the casanova legend must have been truei said by the way baby what’s your name

said i go by the name of lois lane

and you could be my boyfriend you surely can

just let me quit my boyfriend called superman

i said he’s a fairy i do suppose

flyin through the air in pantyhose

he may be very sexy or even cute

but he looks like a sucker in a blue and red suit

i said you need a man who’s got finesse

and his whole name across his chest

he may be able to fly all through the night

but can he rock a party til the early light

he cant satisfy you with his little worm

but i can bust you out with my super sperm

i go do it, i go do it, i go do it, do it , do it

an i’m here an i’m there i’m big bang hank, im everywhere

just throw your hands up in the air

and party hardy like you just dont care

let’s do it don’t stop yall a tick a tock yall you don’t stop

go hotel motel what you gonna do today (say what)

im gonna get a fly girl gonna get some spank drive off in a def oj

everybody go hotel motel holiday inn

you say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friend

i say skip, dive, what can i say

i can’t fit em all inside my oj

so i just take half and bust them out

i give the rest to master gee so he could shock the house

it was twelve o’clock one friday night

i was rockin to the beat and feelin all right everybody was dancin on the floor

doin all the things they never did before

and then this fly fly girl with a sexy lean

she came into the bar, she came into the scene

she traveled deeper inside the roomall the fellas checked out her white sassoons

she came up to the table, looked into my eyes

then she turned around and shook her behind

so i said to myself, its time for me to release

my vicious rhyme i call my masterpiece and now people in the house this is just for you

a little rap to make you boogaloo

now the group ya hear is called phase two

and let me tell ya somethin we’re a hell of a crew

once a week we’re on the street

just a-cuttin’ the jams and making it free

for you to party ya got to have the moves

so we’ll get right down and give you the groove

for you to dance you gotta get hype

so we’ll get right down for you tonight

now the system’s on and the girls are there

ya definitely have a rockin affair but let me tell ya somethin there’s still one fact

and to have a party ya got to have a rap

so when the party’s over you’re makin it home and tryin to sleep before the break of dawn

and while ya sleepin ya start to dream

and thinkin how ya danced on the disco scene

my name appears in your mindyeah, a name you know that was right on time

it was phase two just a doin a do

rockin ya down cause ya know we could

to the rhythm of the beat that makes ya freak

come alive girls get on your feet

to the rhythm of the beat to the beat the beat

to the double beat beat that it makes ya freak

to the rhythm of the beat that says ya go on

on n on into the break of dawn

now i got a man comin on right now

he’s guaranteed to throw down

he goes by the name of wonder mike

come on wonder mike do what ya like

i say a can of beer that’s sweeter than honey

like a millionaire that has no money

like a rainy day that is not wet

like a gamblin fiend that does not bet

like dracula with out his fangs

like the boogie to the boogie without the boogie bang

like collard greens that dont taste good

like a tree that’s not made out of wood

like goin up and not comin down

is just like the beat without the sound no sound

to the beat beat, ya do the freak

everybody just rock and dance to the beat

have you ever went over a friends house to eat

and the food just ain’t no goodi mean the macaroni’s soggy the peas are mushy

and the chicken tastes like wood

so you try to play it off like you think you can

by sayin that youre full

and then your friend says momma he’s just being polite

he ain’t finished uh uh that’s bull

so your heart starts pumpin and you think of a lie

and you say that you already ate

and your friend says man there’s plenty of food

so you pile some more on your plate

while the stinky foods steamin your mind starts to dreamin

of the moment that it’s time to leave

and then you look at your plate and your chickens slowly runnin

into something that looks like cheese

oh so you say that’s it i got to leave this place

i dont care what these people thinkim just sittin here makin myself nauseous

with this ugly food that stinks

so you bust out the door while its still closed

still sick from the food you ate

and then you run to the store for quick relief

from a bottle of kaopectateand then you call your friend two weeks later

to see how he has been

and he says i understand about the food

baby bubbah but we’re still friends

with a hip hop the hippie to the hippie

the hip hip a hop a you don’t stop the rockin

to the bang bang boogie

say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat

i say hank can ya rock can ya rock to the rhythm that just don’t stop

can ya hip me to the shoobie dooi said come on make the make the people move

i go to the halls and then ring the bell

because i am the man with the clientele

and if ya ask me why i rock so wella big bang, i got clientele

and from the time i was only six years old

i never forgot what i was told

it was the best advice that i ever had

it came from my wise dear old dad

he said sit down punk i wanna talk to you

and don’t say a word until im through

now there’s a time to laugh a time to cry

a time to live and a time to diea time to break and a time to chill

to act civilized or act real ill

but whatever ya do in your lifetime

ya never let a mc steal your rhyme

so from six to six til this very day

ill always remember what he had to say

so when the sucker mc’s try to chump my style

i let them know that i’m versatile

i got style finesse and a little black book

that’s filled with rhymes and i know you wanna look

but the thing that separates you from me

and that’s called originality

because my rhymes are on from what you heard

i didnt even bite and not a go word

and i say a little more later on tonight

so the suker mc’s can bite all night

a tick a tock yall a beat beat yall

a lets rock yall ya don’t stop

ya go hotel motel whatcha gonna do today (say what)

ya say im gonna get a fly girl gonna get some spankin

drive off in a def oj

everybody go hotel motel holiday inn

ya say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friend

sa like that yall to the beat yall

beat beat yall ya don’t stop

a master gee my mellow

its on you so whatcha gonna do

well like johnny carson on the late show

a like frankie croker in stereo

well like the barkay’s singin holy ghost

the sounds to throw down they’re played the most its like my man captain sky

whose name he earned with his super sperm

we rock and we don’t stop

get off yall im here to give you whatcha got

to the beat that it makes you freak

and come alive girl get on your feet

a like a perry mason without a case

like farrah fawcett without her face like the barkays on the mike

like gettin right down for you tonight

like movin your body so ya dont know how

right to the rhythm and throw down like comin alive to the master gee

the brother who rocks so viciously

i said the age of one my life begun

at the age of two i was doin the doat the age of three it was you and me

rockin to the sounds of the master geeat the age of four i was on the floor

givin all the freaks what they bargained for

at the age of five i didnt take no jive

with the master gee its all the way live

at the age of six i was a pickin up sticks

rappin to the beat my stick was fixed

at the age of seven i was rockin in heaven don’tcha know i went off

i gotta run on down to the beat you see

gettin right on down makin all the girls

just take of their clothes to the beat the beat

to the double beat beat that makes you freak

at the age of eight i was really great

cause every night you see i had a date

at the age of nine i was right on time

cause every night i had a party rhyme

goin on n n on n on on n on

the beat dont stop until the break of dawn

a sayin on n n on n on on n on…like a hot buttered de pop de pop de pop

a saying on n n on n on on n on

cause i’m a helluva man when i’m on the mike

i am the definite feast delight

cause i’m a helluva man when i’m on the mike

i am the definite feast delight

i’m a helluva man when i’m on the mike

i am the definate feast delight

come to the master gee you see

the brother who rocks so viciously

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4 thoughts on “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn . . .”

  1. laughing myself silly! Aaron will never read your blog now. I think you need to link to an mp3 clip o this ….

  2. Ha ha ha, I was totally rockin out to this song the other day and my kids were looking at me like I was totally cray-zay!!!

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