How Are YOU Spending Derby Week?

— 1 —

Last weekend I went to a book signing for a local author, Bethany Griffin.  She spoke to a large crowd at a lovely local bookstore, and I couldn’t wait to dive into her book, Masque of the Red Death.  I’ve always been a huge Poe fan.  Now that I’ve finished it I can’t wait for the sequel!  My friend Lisa and I were talking and we both think it would translate beautifully into a movie – very dark, very Tim Burton.  I’d like to say she inspired me to go home and write furiously, but instead I’ve been reading furiously – I need to turn that around.  Someday I’d like to be the one doing the speaking and the signing. . . someday.

— 2 —

My writers’ group meeting was as fabulous as always.  If you want to write, a supportive writing group is essential.  I read the first page of my WIP to the group and they loved my first line.  I can’t tell you how good that made me feel, especially since I was pretty sure I was going to throw up when my turn came to read.  I also got some great constructive criticism, and realized I probably need to find a critique group to join.  Any Louisville-area Women’s Fiction writers out there looking to form a group or have a group I could join?

— 3 —

It’s Derby Week, I live in Louisville, I’m not working, and what Derby-related activities have I done? Nothing.  I really haven’t felt up to it.  Crowds, lots of walking, lots of standing, or lots of sitting just aren’t possible at this point.

— 4 —

Anyone else completely disappointed in Mad Men this season?  What happened?  No one is acting in character, the plot lines aren’t strong – it just isn’t what I was expecting at all.

— 5 —

Although I am watching Real Housewives of Orange County (it’s the original – I can’t give it up) I am swearing off Real Housewives of New Jersey.  They just made me too sad and frustrated last year.

— 6 —

My Blue Suede Shoes, the only iris I have ever actually paid money for, is blooming by my mailbox.  I love it.  It’s supposed to be a re-bloomer, but I’ve had it several years and it’s never re-bloomed for me.  Is there something special I should be doing to it?

— 7 —

Happy Oaks Day to everyone and have a wonderful Derby Day tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “How Are YOU Spending Derby Week?”

  1. I made hot brown for dinner last night. Does that count as Derby related? And my re-blooming irises never re-bloom either. So whatever you’re not doing, I’m not doing either… Sigh.

    1. I’m making hot browns tonight (or tomorrow if we’re too snacked-out). I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. Maybe they only rebloom in certain planting zones??

      1. Ok, I’ve been doing some super accurate internet research on the iris situation, and I think maybe, just maybe, that the bulbs are planted too deeply. Now that I know that I can rest easier with one bloom per year, because I sure as hell ain’t gonna dig them up and replant them…

  2. I just had to laugh because I’m so immersed in the culture, “Derby Day” meant something entirely to me until I realized you were talking about the Kentucky Derby. Lolz.

  3. I’ve been reluctant to join a writers’ group, but I’m not sure why. (I’m sure it has nothing to do with my paralyzing insecurity about my writing ability . . . ) I really enjoyed the workshop environment in that writing class I took last fall, so I would like to find a group that is, as you put it: SUPPORTIVE.

    1. Make the effort to find one! Search Facebook and websites. I even know someone who found a great critique group via Craig’s List! I’ve learned SO much since the first time I gathered my courage and went to a meeting, and have made some fabulous friends.

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