How I’d Like to Celebrate Christmas

One of Mama Kat’s writing prompts this week was to describe how you’d celebrate the holidays if you had no limitations. No financial limits, no scheduling conflicts, no long distances to be traveled, no work schedules, and no physical limitations. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
beach house
And if you think my fantasy Christmas is taking place anywhere cold you obviously don’t know me well. I’ll be at the beach. The only white stuff I ever want underfoot is sand. So we’d be at our beach house all of December and January, hanging out and spending time with the family and friends we love! There are at least five dogs around at all times, chasing each other and the waves and tracking sand all over the house. There are magical fairies who take care of all the dirty dishes, the laundry, and the cleaning. And we order all our groceries online and have them delivered twice a week.

All the decor is comfortable and quirky, as are the holiday decorations everywhere that the fairies put up before we arrived. There’s a lovely little non-denominational church within walking distance, and it always has candles burning. I can go in at any hour of the day or night and just sit and be grateful. We’ll go there at midnight on Christmas Eve to hear the choir sing.

The weeks leading up to Christmas will be full of plays and concerts. We have great seats for Wicked and The Nutcracker, too. There is a huge live nativity with local adults and children playing at being in Bethlehem. I’ll go to that at least three times. Shakespeare on the Beach will be wonderful – they’ll perform Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet at night while we sit in Adirondack chairs, wrapped in quilts.

Since gifts really aren’t important to the grown-ups we’ll have a huge game of Naughty Santa. We’ll lose track of which gift was stolen most often – the diamond necklace or the vintage Mustang. The speedboat and the Labradoodle littermate pups will be pretty popular, too!

We’ll watch NORAD’s Santa Tracker with the little ones between reading Christmas stories. The piano and guitar will come in handy for singing carols. And on Christmas morning Santa will bring every little one the three things they want most, and the adults will sip coffee and watch them play. Want to come? Everyone is welcome and our private plane can pick you up at your convenience!

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