How Many Doctors Can I See in One Week?

— 1 —

Let’s see. Without a car, and without my husband missing any work, I managed to get to four appointments during the first three days of this week. I’ve typed and mailed letters and made phone calls to the different entities preventing me from being paid. I can now say “my suicide attempt” like “having my oil changed”.

— 2 —

I now officially have a “failed spine”, which means I get to see yet another doctor in a couple of weeks about a possible trial of a possible procedure that could possibly decrease my pain. Or I could just be wasting more time and money – we’ll see.

— 3 —

I had planned to meet with a couple of friends this week to start a little “private group therapy” using one of the many self-help handbooks for depression and related issues out there. I’d also planned to go to a monthly chronic pain support group meeting. Neither one worked out.

— 4 —

My blood pressure is up (gee, can’t imagine why), so I’ve had to increase my blood pressure med to three times a day. If this keeps up I’m going to need a bigger plastic pill holder.

— 5 —

I did get to go to my writers’ group meeting last weekend, and it was as wonderful, inspiring, and informative as ever. A special treat was getting to meet Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy in real life! She’s even more awesome in person than on her blog, if you can believe it. And talk about cute kids?! Oy!

— 6 —

John and I have started watching Weeds on Netflix, and it’s just as hilarious and addictive as Aaron and Catherine told me it was. We just can’t get enough of it! It’s not as dark as Breaking Bad (not yet, at least) so I can watch it whatever my mood.

— 7 —

Louisville Romance Writers‘ annual March Madness writing challenge is about to start, and I’ve committed to 20,000 words for the month. It’s time for me and my timer to jump back into the deep end of the pool!

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4 thoughts on “How Many Doctors Can I See in One Week?”

  1. #1: Wooohoooo!!!! You made it to 4 appointments. *shakes the pompoms*

    #4: It’s temporary.

    #7: When I’ve done NaNoWriMo, I use my piece to work out issues I’m dealing with at the time like parishioners being evil, the challenges of having a kid with special needs, and just… life. Could you work chronic pain into one of your characters to explore what is going on with you?

  2. Hi, Angie –
    This is Jackie Jenkins, Bryan Station classmate of your dad’s and your Aunt Beverly’s. I have been keeping up with you ever since Beverly first “introduced” us (by referring me to your Jammie Girl blog). I want you to know that you are often in my prayers and always on my heart. I am so, so sorry you are having to deal with so much pain and depression. I don’t have any magic wands but, if I did, you would be at the head of the line of people to wave it over! I would like to send you something (no, it’s not an evangelical Christian tract!), but I don’t know your address. I have Larry’s address and, if you prefer not to give your address out to a stranger, I can send it to you in care of him and Edie. Please let me know which is better. I have two email addresses:
    Today, it is sunny in Georgia – I hope you are seeing the sun, too.

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