How Many Things Can I Mess Up in One Week?

— 1 —

In an epic mom-fail moment I sent John’s current favorite XBox 360 game (Borderlands 2) back to Netflix by accident.  I thought I was sending back “Barrack Obama’s 2016”, which I had watched the night before.  Yeah, you can imagine how pleased he was when he realized that instead of shooting zombies he could watch a Conservative biography of our current president.  It wasn’t pretty.  I called Netflix, and his game should be back soon.  I just feel bad for all the people waiting to watch the Obama film before the election.  If you’re on the wait list let me save you time: Just vote for Romney.

— 2 —

The Quick Recall match on Wednesday was painful, but not in the way I expected.  The whole carpool thing went OK, the Garmin got me across town before the teacher even arrived, and I thought I was home free.  Unfortunately, the only chairs available were those molded plastic ones – you know, school library chairs because it was in. . .the school library.  My back and neck do not tolerate those chairs for more than five minutes, so even though I was sneaking pain pills and muscle relaxers out of my purse, getting up and stretching at every time out, and wiggling in my seat like a pre-schooler I was nearly out of my mind with pain by the time the match was over.  Could I have answered any of the questions?  Pfft!  I was doing well to identify the right kid to take home.  Thank you, God, for the “Go Home” button on the Garmin.

— 3 —

By the time we got home we had to throw it in high gear for Halloween.  John tossed some decorations around, I jumped into my witch costume and put Alan Parsons Project’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination on a CD player near an open window, and Michael drug the cauldron out to the front porch and started experimenting with dry ice.

— 4 —

We eventually got the water hot enough and the cauldron at an angle to block the wind so the neighborhood kiddos were quite impressed with my cauldron of mist (even the older ones) but by that time it was too dark for pictures.

— 5 —

While I gave out candy and chatted with parents Michael stayed inside and experimented with dry ice, a goblet, and black cherry Mio. I had to make very sure to keep my goblet of red wine and his goblet of chemicals separate.

— 6 —

The cutest trick or treater I got was a little princess, too young to say “Trick or Treat” yet. Her eyes were huge when they gazed into my cauldron, so I swirled the mist with my hand while I pulled my picnic basket into my lap. First I pulled out a plaster femur and asked brightly, Would you like a bone?” Her curls flew as she shook her head and her blue eyes grew even wider. I sighed and said, “Well, candy then?” pulling Snickers and KitKats from under the bones. She smiled and nodded happily as I filled her pink pumpkin. Brave girl!

— 7 —

Last night was the Open House at the high school John wants to attend, Eastern. I have to say we couldn’t have been more impressed. Everyone was friendly and took time to answer all our questions, no one gave us the brush-off, and several teachers and counselors gave us helpful tips. Best of all, John said he felt at home there. I, of course, couldn’t find my way around even with the two maps they provided and ROTC members stationed at each intersection. If Michael hadn’t come with us I’d still be looking for the car.

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6 thoughts on “How Many Things Can I Mess Up in One Week?”

  1. LOL, Angie! I’ve had days like that, too, as evidenced by your request at the last Louisville Romance Writers meeting that I bring my famous….er, infamous bourbon corn pudding to the Christmas party pitch-in. My mess-ups tend to be in the culinary arena: substituting (by accident!) baking powder for cornstarch (hey! The boxes looked alike, and they are both white powdery substances!); the time when I put the egg and oil in the powdered icing mix and started to bake it, then wondered why it was so liquid-y and discovered my error (for those of you who wish to attempt an experiment, I can tell you for a fact that a cake is really scrumptious if you bake the icing INTO it); or the time I tried to take a shortcut and bought a pre-formed pie shell. The resulting pie was great, until one of the kids pulled a piece of wax paper out of their piece and said, “What’s this?” I didn’t know the shells were packaged with the paper as a separator. Oops. And I had already eaten an ENTIRE piece, complete with paper. And didn’t notice. =-o

    But just think of how boring life would be if we never messed up! (Okay, sometimes it would be better, but other times it gives us an opportunity to laugh!)

    Thanks for making me smile today!

  2. Oh my! The game in the Netflix envelope gave me a twitch. Now I’ll keep double checking. It’s pretty good of them to be so on-the-ball about returning it. I love Netflix!

    Mix-ups? Too many to mention. Sending Number Two Son to school with a packet of margarine instead of his lovingly-made sandwiches was probably a memorable one. So memorable I did it twice….

      1. I was lucky in that he was at a nice school and that they called me to tell me how much I’d failed my Motherhood badge and I was able to run (as in, literally, run) with sandwiches. The second time they didn’t sound quite so amused, though…

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