How to Make and Use a Marshmallow Shooter

Still looking for a cute Father’s Day gift idea? Here’s a sure-fire hit (hehe) that is quick, easy, and won’t break the bank. AND it’s irresistible.

There’s not a dad out there who doesn’t secretly want a weapon for Father’s Day. Here’s my youngest, who actually did all the work. Nitty-gritty details after the video.


OK, here are the important things to know before you dash out to Home Depot. John’s not kidding about the uncut PVC pipe being eight feet long. Buy everything else that you’re getting( i.e. spray paint or whatever) BEFORE going to the plumbing aisle to get the PVC pipe and connectors. Once you are there select the 1/2 inch PVC pipe first, then make sure the connectors you pick out fit snugly onto the ends before you start throwing them into the cart. There were at least 4 boxes marked “1/2 inch 90 degree connector”, but only one of them fit the pipe on both ends. It’s one of those plumbing mysteries.

Anyway, if you are making several guns (and you might as well, while you’re at it) count up how many of each connector you will need before you go shopping. To make eight guns I bought eight T-connectors, sixteen 90-degree connectors, and eight caps. And the straight portions of all eight guns were cut from just one length of PVC pipe. So, if you have some leftover spray paint lying around you can build eight guns for just over ten dollars!

The cuts don’t need to be super-straight, so this is a fine time to tech your school-age kiddo to use a hacksaw. And these make great gifts. They fit perfectly in a 14 x 10 x 5.5 inch box, and if you throw in a bag of mini-marshmallows you have a box of fun just waiting to be opened! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build some firearms!

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11 thoughts on “How to Make and Use a Marshmallow Shooter”

  1. I want to put your spokesmodel in my pocket and take him home. He is adorable 🙂 Also, I see a trip to Lowe’s in my future. My boys would love these. Anything with a high mayhem potential = loads of fun here.

    1. Don’t tempt me – I will drop him off on your doorstep! Be warned: He is deaf to all “parent voices”, eats like two grown men, and thinks Family Guy is hilarious.

  2. Very informative video on a highly important topic. Thanks for brightening my Saturday! The first marshmallow shooter I ever saw was the rifle-length version, toted by an older female co-worker. A sight I’ll never forget.

  3. Very fun… came over from the LBS Social… will have to consider the shooter a little while though I’m sure it would be a hit with my six-year old and his dad.

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