I am Gandolf! (sort of)

— 1 —

My lower back has been extremely painful this week. Changing positions is the worst, but I’ve found myself holding my breath because even breathing is painful. And, of course, I showed up at my doctor’s office for a scheduled visit only to find out he’d called in sick that day. And it’s not like getting rides to and from doctors’ appointments is an easy thing for me, so I’ve been in pain and grumpy. I’m currently using a pool cue as a cane until Michael can pick one up for me from the selection at my grandmother’s house, so I do look a bit like Gandolf sans beard.

— 2 —

 The day before the pain hit I took John and made a Kroger run. About halfway through I was miserable, so when I got to the pharmacy at the far end of the store I was spoiling for a fight. This is one of the many reasons I didn’t realize for quite some time that the pharmacy tech was hitting on me! That did perk me up a bit, and since he’d guessed my age as ten years younger than my date-of-birth proved I have him my Nerium card 🙂 He hasn’t bought anything yet, but who knows?!

— 3 —

Since the pain has severely limited my activities I’m savoring the small happy moments – like watching The Walking Dead and Talking Dead with my sixteen-year-old. I think I may enjoy the after-show more than the show itself, mainly because the host, Chris Hardwick, reminds me so much of both my sons. His dark yet goofy sense of humor is right up my alley 🙂

— 4 —

John and I also watch Face Off, and have every season. This was the first year that we both had a favorite from the very first episode . . . and it’s the same person! Dina, or as we call her, “cake girl”, quit her job decorating cakes to compete on the make-up effects show. She’s doing really well, and we may have to throw a party if she wins!

— 5 —

In other competition show news (yes, I am spending a lot of time lying flat watching TV or reading) I was very sad to see Chris March get the boot on Project Runway All-Stars. I just love him and his over-the-top designs, and wish his solo show would have lasted more than one season.

— 6 —

John learned an important lesson this week. He usually has pretty good manners – he opens more doors for me than Michael, by far. But when he had a friend come home on the bus with him this week I was completely embarrassed. John came in the door, told me, “I have a ton of homework,” and headed for his room, completely ignoring his guest. I limped around, getting the young man a snack and giving him passwords for the laptop in the living room so he could work on his own homework. Then I read John the riot act about never running off to leave a guest to their own devices, no matter what is going on. I insisted that he do his homework in the living room so as to be in the same room and be sociable, or in the dining room if they both needed computer access. He argued, but I think I got through to him how important it is to be a considerate host as well as how to be a considerate guest if the roles were reversed.  After all, haven’t we all been in that position? We have a guest over, but there are things we simply have to do? It’s a hard one for many adults, so if he learns it now it will hopefully serve him well later in life. We’ll see.

— 7 —

Then, this morning, I got a text from John that he’d forgotten to turn in some homework. He can do this by using turnitin.com, and even gets confirmation.  Seriously, how much easier can it be to turn in homework? But he’d forgotten, so I had to log onto his computer with its blue-painted keyboard, find the assignment, and send it. I would have been grumpy, but when I initially logged onto his computer this is what greeted me:
At least the kid doesn’t have self-esteem issues!

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