I Apologize

I want to apologize to anyone who received a couple of snarky emails from a relative-by-marriage of mine this evening. I was very excited about being selected as one of the top ten entrants in The Mommyologist and Life Without Pink’s NOT Mom of the Year, so I sent out an email to selected friends and relatives asking them to vote for me and including links to make it easy for them to do so. The first email reply I received from this person asked EVERYONE BUT ME to remove him from their email address. This, of course, included all his nieces and nephews as well as his children. Just in case anyone else is confused, he apparently thought that anyone else who was included in the email would automatically have his email added to their address book – not true. The next email asked if perhaps I had “too much free time”. I thought this was sent only to me until I started receiving confused phone calls wondering who this person was and why he was being so insulting, especially in a “reply all” message. I had already sent him a reply to his email, stating that I actually had ZERO free time and got very few hours of sleep a night, but that I considered blogging my creative outlet (as do many bloggers who have essentially NO FREE TIME). I had also removed him from my email address list. Thanks, dude, for sucking all the joy out of something I had been very excited about. Everyone else, I apologize for the emails – I will not make the same mistake again.

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8 thoughts on “I Apologize”

  1. I thought maybe it was your husband being funny. I was all set to shoot back an email begging him to PLEASE let me keep his email in my address book. I promise I wouldn't abuse it. I'd only use it to send him a few political jokes every so often and, of course, my annual Christmas letter.

  2. Oh, please let me have that email address. I'll SPAM him until he completely deletes his email account!

    Some folks… Apparently, his life sucks really BAD!

  3. Well Sweetie you know what they say, you can choose your friends but not your family. I'm keeping the e-mail address and you know how annoying I can be.

  4. Well, I'll say congrats to you! Nobody, aside from insanely wealthy people, have much guilt free free time. But, we all deserve some. And, if you choose to use yours blogging and connecting with awesome people like myself online who cares. Tell your relative-by-marriage to take a flying leap. He doesn't want the wrath of one's online community coming down on him does he? We do the pitchforks and torches thing IRL too! Cheer up. No need to let one clueless, rude, and completely insensitive person ruin something awesome for you.

  5. Hello…just stopping by from SITS. I'm finally starting the 31 day challenge and I'm getting started on Day #1 – the dreaded elevator pitch…you were the commenter before me, so in usual SITS fashion I headed over to say hi. p.s. Your relative sounds like a real gem…I'm sure holiday get togethers are a "blast" with him around 😉

  6. I'm blog hopping today and as ornery as your email contacts appear to have been, this made me laugh a little. Some people, your in-law, appears to NOT understand that as much as they try to be invisible…if they have an email address…they aren't. And then the "free time" commenter…some people just don't get blogging. 🙂

    It was nice of you to apologize for them, though. I hope it helped and that they will be more considerate next time!

    Happy Wednesday.

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