I Have a Job ~ Feel Good Friday


After over a year of negotiations, the company I have worked for for nearly nineteen years has been bought by a large corporation.  We got the official announcement yesterday.  And it looks like I still have a job.  I am a nurse, and for the first time in at least two decades (probably much longer) we do NOT currently have a nursing shortage.  In fact, there are new graduates coming out of college without job prospects.  When I graduated from college every single one of my classmates had several appealing job prospects to choose from.  Now there are experienced nurses who are unemployed or underemployed – lots of them.  Changes in reimbursement, increased enrollment in nursing programs, the economy in general – whatever the reason, it has had me and many of my fellow nursing professionals worried about job security.  So today I’m not going to complain about getting up at 3:15, or about being so busy I don’t get a bathroom break, let alone a lunch break.  The patients may curse and the doctors may whine, but today I’m just going to be glad I’m gainfully employed in at a job I do well so that I can provide for my family.  And you can feel free to remind me of this if you see me looking grumpy in the elevator – really.  Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “I Have a Job ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. I never take for granted our situation in life. We live in an older neighborhood and I see people’s stuggles every day and I just feel so grateful for where we are at. We are not wealthy by any means. I always figure that any minute we could be laid off.

  2. Two of my good friends are nurses, so I know from them how at times it can be a ‘thankless” profession for them and yet they do love being at service. How lovely you found your joy, and it oozes out of your post. xo

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