I Have Doodle Fever

three doodles

Please don’t tell my dogs, but I’m obsessed with Golden Doodles. I thought Chocolate Labs would always be “our dogs”, then we adopted Boss (who I’m not entirely sure is a dog at all) and I swore all our dogs would be rescue animals. Then I met Barkley. And Sadie and Maisey. And saw pictures of Penny. Instagram will be my downfall. Seven reasons I’m attracted to this breed? Easy!

— 1 —

Word has it second-generation Doodles don’t shed. A lack of fur tumbleweeds around here would be lovely.

— 2 —

 They look like talking teddy bears Рand feel like them, too!

— 3 —

Every Doodle I’ve ever met is remarkably sweet-natured, gentle, and loving. I mean my chocolate labs have always been awesome, but Doodles may be the perfect family dog!

— 4 —

Lots of gorgeous curls, but they tolerate being trimmed short for the summer if you prefer. Gotta love a dog with options.

barkley shaved

— 5 —

The cuddliness factor cannot be emphasized enough. These dogs were made to snuggle, and I’m all about the doggie snuggles.

— 6 —

I love Newfies and St. Bernards, but the drool is a bit off-putting. No excessive drooling with a Doodle.

— 7 —

Now I realize I could split the difference and get a LabraDoodle, and that may be what we end up doing when the time comes. But for now we are at our two-dog max, and I’m fine with getting my Doodle cuddles wherever I can. But be warning: If you post pics of your Doodle on Instagram and wonder why this woman you don’t know is following you. . . it’s just me, getting my Doodle fix!

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