I Have Given Birth

to a 300 KB (give or take, depending on your version) ebook. Here’s his newborn picture:
 Isn’t he cute? Gestation was shorter and less difficult than with my previous pregnancies, but labor (formatting) was worse. Of course I set a timer and only labored for fifteen minutes at a stretch – thirty at the most. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that during real labor? Anywho, the labor that according to the tutorial should have taken about an hour took me a total of eight grueling hours, but I got there. I formatted and published this little beauty. You can bring him home in any one of ten formats (the Kindle format is my favorite – he looks stunning on my Kindle) for just $4.99. Click on my brand-spankin’ new book page for more info.  If you are a blogger and think this is a book you and your readers would enjoy, please contact me and I’ll send you a copy to review and send one to your giveaway winner. Tomorrow I’m going to read the first of the five books I need to read ASAP about marketing this sweet little sucker, since a BSN in Nursing didn’t include any marketing classes.  But for now I’m just doing my happy dance. And I’m sending out a HUGE thank you to my Beta readers, who caught all my mistakes and were merciless with their constructive criticism. All writers should be so blessed!

I’m linking this up with Share Your Awesome at Momma Made it Look Easy because I really DO feel awesome for accomplishing this!

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    1. SQUEEAL! I was hoping you’d be interested, but I knew you were stressed right now so I didn’t want to ask outright. How do you want to read it (Kindle, iPad, Nook, PDF, etc)?

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