I Have Superpowers!

OK, I don’t really have superpowers, but I have the most fabulous highlights you can possibly imagine. I haven’t had highlights since about 1987, but I have been gazing longingly at my friend Lisa’s highlights for quite a while now, and I knew who’d done them and that all it would take is a phone call. Today I did it. I had promised myself if I made it through the holidays I would reward myself with highlights. Those of you who know me know I’ve been dealing with back and neck pain for a year now, and have had two major surgeries within the past year, as well as courses of cervical traction, physical therapy, aquatherapy, blah-blah-blah. Anyway, the pain is worse than it’s ever been, with periods of time when it gets so bad I’m nauseated and shaky, and rare times it gets so bad my vision starts to gray-out around the edges. I just wanted to get through all my Christmas festivities without passing out or ending up in the ER. I wasn’t able to go to either of my children’s Christmas concerts at school because the pain was so bad – spent the evening in bed on a heating pad – but I managed to travel one hour away to my Mom’s house Christmas Eve and back Christmas Day, although the pain was horrible. But today I realized that “getting through” just isn’t enough. Is it the power of Lydia’s beautiful highlights in my hair? I don’t know, but I know I’m not going to accept “just getting though” anymore. I want my life back, and I want it NOW. I’m calling my neurosurgeon this week, and we’re going to sit down together and talk this out. There’s no reason for a 43-year-old to live like this. Has anyone else out there been through something similar? I’d love some input. I can’t do massage or go to a chiropractor because my two fusions haven’t healed yet (takes 18 months normally). I’m awaiting insurance approval for a TENS unit, does anyone have experience with that? Know a good voodoo witch doctor in the Kentuckiana area?

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3 thoughts on “I Have Superpowers!”

  1. Your highlights are beautiful. I can tell they have made you feel better. Sorry I can not help with all the pain. I think the three dirty martinis per day is a great idea until the doctor can find the "real" cure. Love you

  2. You know I love you — but I never knew you were a dirty martini kind of girl! Let me know what he says, cause we are ALL going to Baltimore! Me, you, Laura, and Rae!!

  3. Sending you a big ol' hug through the airwaves . . . my back went into a muscle spasm, and it hurt so bad I got physically nauseated from the pain, so my heart goes out to you. I can't even imagine living with chronic pain like what you've described . . . although I can relate to alcoholic self-medication ; )

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