I Hit the Sleepover Jackpot

Is it just me, or are first sleepovers pretty stressful for parents? And I don’t mean just the first time your kid sleeps over at someone’s house, or the first time your kid has someone stay over. I mean the first time you add anyone new to the mix. John had a friend he wanted to invite over, and he and the friend had talked about it at length at school. So I OK’d it, set a date, and told John to ask the friend for his phone number so I could call his mom to work out the details. I started working on this a week in advance, but since boys are boys I didn’t actually get the number until the day before the planned event. I called the number and nervously introduced myself, stumbling through an explanation of what we had planned and how it might best be arranged. Of course the mom was a bit taken aback since her son hadn’t mentioned it to her AT ALL, and the number he’d given me was her cell phone and she was at work. Fabulous. She asked if she could call me back in about ten minutes. When she called back she’d talked to her son, who had just totally forgotten to mention the sleepover. We discussed notes and bus numbers and backup plans for if buses were missed. I gave her my address and detailed directions to my house. Then we got down to the nitty-gritty, the part that sometimes gets ugly.
“Does Isaiah have any food allergies I need to know about? Or pet allergies? Because we have a dog.” I hated that I sounded apologetic. I love my dog more than most people. But I’d run into these issues before. This wasn’t my first rodeo.
“No, no allergies at all, and we have two dogs. That’s so nice of you to ask. I’m a nurse, and I always ask before kids come over, but most people don’t.”
SCORE! She’s a nurse!
“I’m a nurse, too!” I practically squealed, and we exchanged a few job details before I tackled the next tough question. “I thought we’d order pizza and the guys could watch movies or play video games or whatever. Are you OK with video games?” if not, this was going to mean me playing boardgames with the kids all evening, and that would require a trip to the liquor store for sure.
“Oh, he LOVES video games. You should see the Mario mural in his bedroom. He plays with his older brothers all the time.”
“Older brothers?” I asked hopefully.
“Yes, I have six boys and he’s my youngest.”
Oh. My. God. I have hit the sleepover JACKPOT. She has six sons. I can let these kids juggle knives and do shots of tequila and as long as I don’t call her from the ER I’m home free. YES!
Needless to say, the sleepover went beautifully, and when Tracy came to pick Isaiah up she took one look at my bookshelves and squealed, “Don’t you just LOVE Janet Evanovich? Oh, and I’ve got all of Stephen King’s, too! Do you like Wally Lamb? What are you reading right now?”
I’m seeing a lot of fabulous sleepovers in my future.

Stuffed French Toast for breakfast
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3 thoughts on “I Hit the Sleepover Jackpot”

  1. LOL, you are so funny! I’m too nervous to venture into the world of sleepovers and so far have managed to avoid it. It was so much easier for my mom- I grew up living near 16 cousins and so never needed to go further than family for these sorts of things.

  2. Who would not love for their kid to have a sleepover at your house! Look at the wonderful breakfast you served. I know they had a great time. I want a sleepover at your house.

    1. I usually get full parental approval on the food. It’s the TV, movies, and video games that get me in trouble. And the sodas. And sometimes the poorly behaved dog and messy house.

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