I Need to Hibernate

— 1 —

I’m not a winter person. I never have been. Yes, I built snowmen as a kid, and went sledding, but I was always the first one ready to go back inside and get warm. Years ago I used to tell myself we’d go snowtubing or skiing as a family, but it never happened. Now, of course, that’s not an option unless I have a neurosurgeon waiting at the bottom of the hill, so I’ve kind of missed my window of opportunity.

— 2 —

Something about winter – February especially – just saps all my energy. It may be the shortest month of the year but it feels like the longest to me. I think I’m actually part bear and should be hibernating right now.

— 3 —

Of course the fact that cold weather and dropping barometric pressure only makes my neck pain worse doesn’t make me any more fond of this time of year.

— 4 —

So I’ve joined a group of people who are helping encourage each other to get up early and start their days with a purpose. It’s called Hello Mornings, so you may see some hashtags with that title in the mornings from most days. I’m trying.

— 5 —

I had an appointment with my pain management doctor yesterday.  Well, not the doctor himself, since he doesn’t deign to interact with anyone he can’t do a procedure on and charge a lot of money.  I saw another one of his nurse practitioners.  When I asked her about “my plan of treatment” she was very honest and forthright.  There’s absolutely nothing they can do and the pain’s not going to get better.  In fact, I can expect it to get worse as I age.  The only possible procedure I would be a candidate for (implantable neurostimulator) is not covered ever, for any reason, by my insurance company.  On the bright side, it is covered by Medicare, so in a couple of decades I’ll qualify.

— 6 —

I do have some excitement coming up. This very evening at Carmichael’s Bookstore in Louisville I’ll get to be present for a book signing for Alison Atlee, a member of my writers’ group. I’ve only heard tidbits of her book, so I can’t wait to read it!

— 7 —

Then tomorrow is John’s Quick Recall competition. It won’t be as long a day as last time, but it’s a longer drive. I have pain pills and heat packs ready 🙂

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