I Think My Brain Is Out of Warranty

— 1 —

I’m distracted, forgetful, and completely disorganized. I’m an airhead, ditzy, playing without a full deck. Whatever you want to call it, I’m there. This is one of those times friends and family worry about me. I can hear it in their voices and see it on their faces. The icing on the cake (so far) was writing my last name instead of my step-dad’s on his birthday card. I also filled out a lot of forms online that day. God only knows how I filled in the blanks.

— 2 —

The prize for most annoying mistake goes to my medication errors for the week. Twice I’ve accidentally taken my bedtime muscle relaxer earlier in the day, earning myself an unwanted 4-6 hours of unconsciousness. And I fill my pillbox every night before going to bed – that’s not the problem. Although one night I did go outside to put the pillbox in the mailbox. Thankfully, I realized what I was doing before I left it there. I’m going to have to get a new pillbox that will not allow me to take my meds out of order. I had one like that for a long time, but it broke after I’d dropped it from my numb fingers in the morning too many times and I replaced it with a cheaper version. Bad choice.

— 3 —

I had an appointment with my internal medicine doc this week, and I now have a handicapped placard form ready to take to the county clerk’s office. Grocery trips will still need to be accompanied for lifting, but at least they’ll be less painful. And hopefully it’ll make a difference in how I feel after watching John’s marching band shows – those that I can get to.

— 4 —

The twelve-hour days at marching band camp are wearing John out. And sitting waiting in and around the car for an hour is wearing me out. I like to get there in time to watch the last fifteen minutes or so of practice, and practices always end on time, but so many kids just pick up their instruments, grab their water jugs, and hop in the car. A majority of the parents are out of the lot by ten after. Two days this week I’ve been the last parent in the lot, leaving at 9:40 pm. Even the band director has made announcements about how important it is for the entire band to stay until all equipment is put away, but it does no good. I’m sure this is an issue for every extra-curricular activity, from Scouts to drama to field hocky to basketball to lacrosse to chorus. I just hate to see parents not encouraging their kids to pitch in. Now, mind you, if I had a small child in the car past bedtime or if I myself was already out too late to get eight hours sleep before getting up for work the next morning I’d be out of there. But I’d make sure my child put in extra effort on days when it was possible. Just sayin’.

— 5 —

In addition to his constant limp from a bad ankle sprain in June that didn’t have enough time to heal before band camp he’s also got bruises on his iliac crests from the heavy drum harness. I graciously offered him some of the fat covering my iliac crests (hip bones) and I think he would have taken it if we could have done it easily!

— 6 —

Another of my dumb moments this week was watching Netflix in bed on the iPad. Michael and John were asleep, but I couldn’t sleep because it had been one of my accidental-big-nap days. About 1am John came running in after there was a scream in a scene (Twin Peaks – do not even bother) and asked, grumpily, “Why don’t you have headphones on?” Mind you, I’m the person who got dressed in the dark for twenty years so as to not wake anyone up. I just simply forgot. And Michael swears it didn’t wake him up, but if it woke up John in the next room it must have been loud 🙁

— 7 —

My diet is still going well, and I plan to post some info about the products I’m using on my Facebook page this week. But dealing with CIGNA, my disability insurance company, is at a complete halt. I thought I might go on a hunger strike until they respond to my demands (simply give me for the coverage I paid for – how’s that for an easy demand to meet?) It’s a win-win situation: I get thin and my bills get paid. But I get really grumpy when I don’t get fed at all, and I don’t think CIGNA really cares if they get bad publicity (if their complete lack of response to my tweets, FB posts, and blog posts is any indication), so I think I’ll stick with the current diet plan.

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2 thoughts on “I Think My Brain Is Out of Warranty”

  1. I’ve seen some drummers cut up an old towel and wrap the bottom of their carriers/drums with it to pad themselves against the drum. Try black if you can – the other colors would get gross FAST. 🙂

    1. Fabulous idea! I don’t remember Aaron ever bruising, and he’s always been thin. He probably just never told me because he thought I’d freak out 😉

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