If You Send a Mom an Email . . .

I’m linking up again to Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop. I had planned to use a completely different prompt, but this is the week for this one. I receive a lot of emails. This week I got a very helpful one from a teacher, one that expressed my thoughts better than I could have from a friend, and a couple that disturbed me more each time I read them.
If you send a mom an email, you should read it carefully first.

Because Β the mom reads emails carefully.

And sometimes the mom wonders if the content of the email was insulting, or if she is just being sensitive. After all, she was just one of several people it was sent to.

Then the mom will probably forward the email to a trusted friend or two, to get their impression.

The mom’s friends will probably rant and rave, and agree whole-heartedly about the insult being obvious and serious.

They will disagree about the plan of action,

which means the mom will have to re-charge her phone.

Then the mom will respond privately to the email politely and concisely, because she’s a well-brought-up-Southern-girl and that’s the appropriate thing to do

even though some of the other suggestions were tempting.

After that, the mom (and everyone else who was sent the original email) will receive a response in which the mom is mentioned by name.

And it will become clear that the polite and concise email was not clear enough.

Then the mom will text another mom who got the same emails.

And that mom will probably be upset.

After a little while the second mom will email a response to the sender.

And that email will be polite and very well-written, but it will make her response crystal clear.

Then the mom will carefully remove any connection to the sender from her Social Media profiles

while drinking wine.

And then she just might post about it.

So next time you send a mom an email, you’d better read it carefully first πŸ™‚


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8 thoughts on “If You Send a Mom an Email . . .”

  1. See wine makes everything better.
    I’m kidding. ..no I’m not…wine makes everything better.
    You did the right thing by sending her a private email. A lot of people are so quick to react but you did all the right things.
    Thumbs up – I mean wine glasses up!

  2. I have a friend who is always sending me emails about being old, or nostalgia, or remember when.

    He SAYS it is sent to all his friends but I keep wondering why he sends it to me. I obviously am too young for all this!

    Good to know others have friends like that!

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