If You’re Planning to Move . . .

There is a woman I work with who moved from one three-bedroom house to another in record time a couple of months ago, so I cornered her the other day and asked for specifics on how she did it (because I’m nosy that way).  Here goes:

Get your packing boxes from the loading dock at a hospital, not from liquor stores.  The boxes will be clean and already broken down, so you can get all you need in one load.

First off, go through all closets, cabinets, and storage areas and throw away or give away anything you haven’t used in a year.  Be ruthless.

Get several different colors of post-its and a couple of black sharpies at the office supply store.  Bright colored post-its are best.

Pack closets first, then the kitchen, then other living areas.  Empty your fridge and eat out until you’re done moving.

Label each box on the top AND the side with a colored post-it that corresponds to the room it will go into (pink for master bath, for example).  Also label exactly what is in the box and exactly where it should go (stuff for medicine cabinet, sit in bathtub).

Mark boxes with how many people should lift it (one or two).

Mark doorways into each room of new house with corresponding colored post-its.  Put post-its on walls where you want furniture to go (dresser here) and label the furniture itself the same way.

Before moving in lay down discarded carpet remnants on pathways in new house – easy cleanup for mud, etc when you’re done.

The last things loaded into the truck will be the first out, so make those things upstairs furniture and boxes or furthest-end-of-the-house furniture and boxes.  That way you don’t have to dodge boxes and furniture near the end.  Work from top floor to bottom floor, back rooms to front rooms to unload.  Make sure you load the truck in reverse order (bottom floor to top floor, front rooms to back rooms).

Twelve people is a reasonable number to have helping you move.  That way there’s plenty of help moving heavy stuff and the first things moved in can be unpacked while later stuff is being moved in.

What are your best moving tips?  Mine is just not to move unless absolutely necessary.

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8 thoughts on “If You’re Planning to Move . . .”

  1. I’m exhausted reading this. Clean out all your closets, put everything in the middle of a room and invited your friends to come help you pack, The junk will leave with them. I would move the kitchen , small items, and master bath the day before moving day. On moving day all you have to do is stand around with a cup of coffee and tell them what to do. “Them”, of course, is the moving company.

    I have also just sold everything, except my clothes and moved. Easy!

  2. I’d have an anxiety attack trying to remember where I was supposed to start. That made me twitch just reading it.
    If, the gods forbid, I ever have to move again? Give me your co-workers number. She’s got it down to a science.

  3. Only one question…

    How the heck did she find TWELVE people to help her move?? The last time I moved, even after bribing everyone with pizza and beer, we only had four people show up. Two of whom were Chad’s parents.

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