I’m Breaking Up With FaceBook . . . or Not

1.) I’ve had it with FaceBook. HAD. IT. I had actually set myself a deadline to close my FB accounts until yesterday when someone whose opinion I trust said I really need to use FB to promote my new ebook.  Damn.  Now I have to figure out how to reconfigure my settings for the umpteenmillionth time and then figure out what the hell an edgerank score is and how to boost mine.  Thank God I have the answers to all these questions AND the meaning of life starred in my Google Reader . . . somewhere.  Probably right after the baked peach french toast recipe I’ve been looking for.

2.) Oh, did I say “NEW EBOOK“?  Why, yes, I did!  I have not been able to string words into a sentence for a good twenty-four hour now since this miracle actually occurred.

3.) Yes, I did sprinkle my thumb drive with Holy Water and say a special prayer for the Blessing of Books I looked up on my iPhone prayer app before I published the book to Smashwords.  It’s the same app I used to find a prayer to bless my son’s car before he went off to college last month.  I’d spent eight hours suffering over formatting that sucker but I figured a prayer and some Holy Water couldn’t hurt.

4.) I’m not moving to Argentina.  An old friend of my husband’s stayed with us this week, and he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  He lives in Argentina, and he was telling us about it and I was feeling this longing to go there (although the only foreign language I know ISN”T the Argentine dialect of Spanish – it’s Latin – which does me no good anywhere unless I learn to time travel) until today, when he said he had to buy some peanut butter to take home to his kids.  They don’t have peanut butter in Argentina.  I could have wept.  They have nutella, but they don’t have peanut butter.  And they don’t do “floats”.  You know, like a Coke float, or a root beer float.  Of course, being a good dad, this guy is taking home some Jif and making his kids Coke floats on a regular basis.

5.) I’m having True Blood withdrawal.  I’ve probably watched this Sesame Street True Mud parody a half-dozen times, and I’m wondering how I can convince Disney and HBO to collaborate on an all-muppet True Blood series.

6.) I am very sad that I have fallen out of love with the Real Housewives.  All of them.  I love Caroline in New Jersey, but if it doesn’t have to do with her immediate family I fast forward right through it.  The whole concept has turned into a train wreck with Botox.

7.) I am ridiculously excited that Chris March’s show will finally premier on Bravo Tuesday, October fourth , at 10 p.m.  Chris, of course, was the fabulous designer on Project Runway the season that Christian Something won.  Christian was a teenager who designed beautiful clothes if you were a six-foot tall anorexic and he said “fierce” all the time, but Chris designed beautiful clothes for women.  He didn’t make the final cut because he used human hair as a trim on some of his pieces (sounding familiar now?) but if you’ll get extensions woven and glued onto your head what’s the problem with having it on the collar of your jacket?

Well, that was random, now wasn’t it?  Probably time for some sort of medication.  Link up with your Seven Quick Takes today at Conversion Diary.  I hope yours make more sense than mine did.  I’m also linking this up to Share Your Awesome at Momma Made It Look Easy because I kinda do think random is awesome sometimes 🙂

Momma Made It Look Easy

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