I’m Proud of My Sons Today

Yes, today is Father’s Day, but this post isn’t going to be about my father or my husband.  It’s about my sons.  They both put in a lot of time and effort this year making Father’s Day special.  They made marshmallow shooters to send to their out-of-town grandfathers, and then John made more weapons for our immediate family.  Aaron spent a lot of time researching a repair on Michael’s car, ordered the supplies, and did the repair himself.  As far as I’m concerned there is no gift more appreciated than a gift of time and talent, and these are perfect examples.  I’m awfully proud of these guys today!


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One thought on “I’m Proud of My Sons Today”

  1. As well you should be! They are two of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Great kids doesn’t just happen on their own. They have two of the greatest parents I have every known. I am a little worried about John’s leg in that photo.

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