I’m Ready for Halloween

— 1 —

Yesterday John and I bundled up and walked along Hillcrest, a street famous in Louisville for their Halloween decorations.  Here are a few of the highlights.

— 2 —

And then last night we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I’d have chosen something a bit more scary – Sweeney Todd, perhaps – but no one else in the family has my taste for gore.

— 3 —

John’s planning on carving our Halloween pumpkin tomorrow.  All he’ll tell me is it will be a “Steampunk Pumpkin”, so I’m expecting something along these lines:

— 4 —

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to whip up his costume, “escapee from an insane asylum”.  It will only involve sewing the sleeves from one old lab coat onto the ends of the sleeves of another old lab coat, so I should be good.  Some spiky hair and some dark circles under the eyes and he’ll be ready to go.  He can supply his own maniacal laughter.

— 5 —

I hid the Halloween candy from myself and the rest of the family, but we ate most it anyway, so I’ll be buying more.  I should really stop buying candy I like.

— 6 —

Michael has hunted down the CD I listen to at top volume every Halloween night, Alan Parsons Project’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.  Every song is based on an Edgar Allen Poe story or poem, and The Cask of Amontillado is probably my favorite, but they are all good.

— 7 —

Best of all, I’m going with a couple of friends to see a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend.  As someone who spent way too many Saturday midnights dressed up and doing the Time Warp I can’t wait to see the Pandora Productions version.  If you’re in the Louisville area cross your fingers and see if you can still get tickets – they usually sell out.

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I’ll also be linking up for Share Your Awesome at Momma Made It Look Easy, because I think Halloween in general is pretty stinkin’ awesome!

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8 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Halloween”

  1. A LIVE performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?!? SHUT UP!

    Oh, what freaking fun! It’s been 98 years since I’ve seen the movie. I snuck (is that even a word) out one night with a friend and we drove to the next city (which we BOTH weren’t allowed to do) and watched the midnight showing.

    Phenomenal. I had no idea sneaking out was that much fun!

    Of course, forgetting the key and having to ring the doorbell to get back in the house at 3:30 am…not so fun. (Long before cell phones.)

    Great stuff!

    1. I just found out that the theater they’re performing in is in the same building as this area’s premier drag club, and we get free admission with our ticket stubs! SQUEEAL! I’ve never been to a drag show, but I’ve always wanted to go!

      1. DO. IT.

        Back in my days of “until death do you part…or until he goes on a business trip and cheats,” my first husband (cause I’m hoping they’ll be a second husband, some day) went to New Orleans and I talked him into a drag club.

        Best. Fun. Ever.


        From Cher, to Bette Midler, to Dolly…to all the rest. Incredible.

        And the makeup and hair were to die for! Flawless!

        And report back. I have GOT to know how it went!

        1. The show was fantastic – really amazing talent for a local theater group! The first drag show wasn’t going to be until an hour after the play was over, though, and we had to go out and wait in the cold while they changed the set-up, so we didn’t stay 🙁 But I WILL go back and see a drag show there – I have promised myself!

    1. We used to have one house in our neighborhood that was decorated really scary when the boys were younger, and they were the same way: begging for a week to go to that house, but then refusing to move from the sidewalk once Halloween night came!

    1. Yeah, we’ve walked the street at night, and it is NOT something you want to do with young kids (unless you want them sleeping with you for the next six months)!

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