I’m Starting a Commune or Things That Make Sense When I’m Really Tired

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea this afternoon. It has been a really long week, and I haven’t been sleeping well, so by the time my work day was winding down I was at that bleary-eyed, punchy, flight-of-ideas stage. There was something I read on Twitter, can’t remember what, that got me started thinking about communes. You know: sharing the land, sharing the workload, sharing the responsibility, yada yada yada.

I started thinking that this would work out pretty well for me since I had a long list of things to do and REALLY wanted to go home and take a nap with the dog. After all, I’d been up since 3:15, working to pay the bills, so if I went home to a commune wouldn’t there be someone there who had spent the day cleaning? Doing laundry? Going to the grocery? Paying bills with the money I was making? Perhaps even someone would be starting supper. I could probably go home and lie down with a couple of commune toddlers and read to them until we all fell asleep for a nice afternoon nap. Sounds pretty good, huh?

So on the drive home (mostly to keep myself awake) I thought about who might live in my commune and how things would work. I came up with a pretty sizable list of people and their families I thought I could live with. Of course we’d need plenty of room (Dad, can I have a big chunk of the farm for a commune?) and high-speed Internet. And my iPhone has to work ALL THE TIME. The fact that I’m mentioning my iPhone before plumbing scares even me. So, yes, of course we need all the basic creature comforts: electricity, running water, high thread-count sheets.

Naturally I would want to feel like I was making a significant contribution to the community as a whole, but I’m not hauling my butt off to work every day while everyone else is snoozing, so I figure I’ll work two days a week. And since I’m a morning person I’ll gather eggs and milk the cow every morning. That probably only sounds appealing to me since I’ve never gathered eggs or milked a cow before. Yes, I’m a country girl, but it’s a “tobacco and beef cattle” farm, not a “chickens and dairy cattle” farm. I’ll also get up with any kids that wake up early in the morning. I think the other commune members will consider this a VERY valuable contribution. I’d also be willing to do some of the cooking, but since my aunt Beverly is already living smack dab in the middle of the proposed commune site and cooks better than Paula Deen I’ll just be her “commune sous chef”.

What do you guys think? Who wants to be part of this and what will you do in the commune? My dad doesn’t read my blog, so we’ll all just show up and surprise him. He likes surprises . . . I think.

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7 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Commune or Things That Make Sense When I’m Really Tired”

  1. what do you mean, he doesn't read your blog?

    Is there a spot for someone who just wants to sit and write, while someone watches her (amazingly beautiful) children?

  2. I'll take the night shift with the kids, as I'm a night owl.

    I will also volunteer to give the sex talk/maturation talk to all the girls. I've done this several times and am pretty good at it.

    Hm, what else? I'm a pretty good listener. Is there a spot for commune-wide friend and wise counselor?

  3. If Thelma and Louise (or close relatives) are part of the commune, along with a clothesline, I will help with the laundry. I'll also help with editing all the beautiful writing that will be done. And I'll happily accompany all the children on their music solos, if there is a space for a piano.

  4. What a wonderful idea! You and I can be in charge of the kitchen. No, not all of the cooking, just the planning. Don't worry Dianna we will find something really great for you to do. How about feeding the pigs, lambs and goats?

  5. I'll have to work 5 days a week b/c I don't like kids (except mine), I don't clean, and I don't like cooking. I don't garden either b/c it's too damn hot. Sign me up for some of the cow-milking and egg-gathering. I suppose I can tackle that since I don't have to be to work until 10 am at my fictitious, commune-supporting job.

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