I’m Still Here.

Just in case any of you thought I’d gone off the deep end to one end or the other! No, I’m still here. I made it through the disability hearing (just barely). Without the help of my purple cane and my lawyer I wouldn’t have managed standing up and walking three yards to lean against the wall outside the courtroom. My lawyer offered to sign me out and bring my husband to me, so I didn’t have to walk any further. His name is Phil Rich, BTW, in case you are ever in need of his services. If he’d had a tail it would have been wagging once the trial was over. The judge smiled, met my eyes, and asked very appropriate questions, unlike the reptile I had last time. But the hearing alone took a full hour of sitting. In a hardback chair. I ended up in bed the rest of that day and for two days to follow. I’ve had invasive procedures that took less recovery time!

Long story short: they don’t give out results at the hearing anymore. It may be three months or more before I get a decision. And after that 30-60 more days until I get paid. And even though I’ve been in constant pain since 2009 and off work since 2011. . . odds are the only back pay I’ll get is to December 2016 – when I turned fifty. Of course that won’t even cover the debts I’ve taken on to keep a roof over our heads and our youngest in college once you consider the fees for Allsup and my attorney (both WELL worth the price!)

But I’m staggering slowly back into Social Media, so bear with me. I didn’t check my e-mail for three days, and everyone knows I ALWAYS check my email. My brother (when we were still speaking) emailed me with a request to call him at 4:30 am. This wasn’t a problem, because I checked my personal email before going to work, and I got to work at 4am. This was before cell phones were common.

Anyway, I’m here. Made it through with my dignity intact (no crying) even when my attempted suicide was mentioned. Not sure what’s to come, but it will certainly include family, food, and fur-babies!

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