I’m Still Here!

— 1 —

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Life’s kind of gotten in the way.

— 2 —

Within the same week I got a notice telling me I was essentially “on deck” for my disability hearing (could be scheduled any time now) and a copy of a form sent from my doctor to my disability insurance provider saying my disability was “lifetime – not expected to improve”. I know this is what I’ve been moving towards since my first massively herniated disc in January of 2009, but it’s still hard to accept. I still think I might wake up one morning and be able to go back to my normal life.

— 3 —

I could use my writing group’s annual March writing competition as an excuse for not blogging, but that wouldn’t be accurate, either. I haven’t been writing much. My thoughts are too scattered.

— 4 —

I can’t believe this Sunday is Palm Sunday. I haven’t done any of the things I’d planned to do for Lent, and that makes me sad. Maybe Holy Week will get me back in the groove.

— 5 —

I hitched a ride to a blogger retreat a couple of hours away, and it really was wonderful (full post to come), but it certainly defined my physical limits. Thankfully we were somewhere that I could just walk out of the room unnoticed and go lie on my heating pad for a while. And thank goodness I’d stockpiled some extra pain pills – I really needed them.

— 6 —

I came home from this blog retreat with a lot of “things to do”, but more things to think about. Things like prioritizing my activities so that I get the important stuff done, which is not necessarily the stuff staring me in the face.

— 7 —

Tomorrow is Catherine’s bridal shower, and I can’t wait. My two fabulous nieces, Lauren and Emily, have planned the whole thing and are coming in from three hours away to throw it! I’m so thankful for them and for all they’ve done. It will be the first “official” event of the wedding, and I know everything else is going to be here so quickly. I finalized my “wedding hair plan” this week with my stylist, who will be getting married in August and so is the perfect person to give me the unvarnished truth. Guys have it so easy. What man in his life has ever has a “hair plan”?

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