I’m Writing Again!

— 1 —

My mom has turned into that old woman. You know, the one down the street who’s grumpy and mean to the trick-or-treaters? Yep, not only did she fuss at the kids who grabbed too many pieces of candy, but when some older kids came by she asked to see ID proving they weren’t over twelve. Seriously, she did! It’s a wonder her house didn’t get egged or TP’d. In this day and age it would barely have been a blip on the news if some teen had pulled a gun and shot her for not handing over the candy. And her little dog, too! Then the teen’s parents could likely have brought civil charges against her, forcing her to pay for intense therapy and medications for their child, who’d been traumatized by being refused Halloween candy.

— 2 —

 I got the judges’ sheets back from a contest I entered this week. Actually I got the email last week and just let it sit unopened in my Inbox in case it said, Your writing sucks!”.  When I was finally ready to open it I saw I hadn’t finaled (oh, well), but the first judge’s sheet gave me a score of 68 out of 70! That particular judge loved my book, had some excellent constructive criticism, and offered to read the whole thing when I was done! I was pretty thrilled, but when I looked her up and saw she has three entire pages of books on Amazon, all with great reviews I was over the moon! The two other judges gave me high marks for writing style/voice, romance, and dialogue – YAY!! But one of then nearly had a heart attack over my excessive use of commas, finally reaching the end of her rope and typing in all caps: “GRAMMAR USAGE BOOKS ARE CHEAP! BUY ONE!” Yes, I do fling commas enthusiastically, but I’d never publish something without having someone else delete all the extras. The third judge gave me a truly horrible score, and she said it was because no protagonist, ever, should drink, smoke, or talk on their cell phone while driving.  I don’t think she read the whole first twenty-five pages, or she’d have had more to complain about.

— 3 —

Anyway, that was a wonderful motivator to get me started out in National Novel Writing Month. I haven’t tried NaNo in a couple of years, but this year I’m going to do it, writing only in the evenings so that when I ignore my timer and keep writing through the worsening pain Michael or John will call me on it and force me to go lie down for a while.  Best part so far? When I posted my daily word count to Twitter and FB one day my very first nurse manager, from when I was a new grad in 1988, mentioned that I was ahead of her. I hadn’t realized she was a writer! So of course I invited her to the next Louisville Romance Writers meeting – and she’s coming!

— 4 —

John’s high school marching band finished fifth in the state for the season, which I think is pretty fabulous. Even more fabulous is that he’s getting more rest, we’re driving less, and he has more time to focus on homework. Also, he’s got time to prepare for his driver’s permit test – he turns sixteen in a little over a week.

— 5 —

Michael and I have an appointment Monday to see someone about getting help with our mortgage. He filled out lots of paperwork, copied tax forms and pay stubs, and we scheduled a phone interview on election day. We had them call on my cell since our landline is MagicJack, which isn’t worth $20 a month. Two tins cans and a length of string would be more reliable. Anyway, we were both on the sofa, paperwork between us and phone on speaker. I should have known that wouldn’t work out. Just as Michael was getting frustrated with the government employee who was telling us we didn’t qualify for a particular program because my long-term disability payments had run out (I know, it doesn’t make sense to me, either – your income has been slashed, so we can’t help you. If your income was higher – high enough to pay your bills – then we could help you) Sam started feeling left out and jumped onto the sofa, right on top of all the paperwork. So we were both trying to pull crumpled, fur-covered papers out from beneath her very large rear end when Boss started barking loudly at a squirrel or cat or something. Michael started swearing, I tried to get to the speaker button but wasn’t fast enough, and it was all downhill from there. I’m still waiting on the email this woman (we never got her name) was supposed to send me, so we will probably show up Monday with all the wrong papers.

— 6 —

This was the song going through my head as Sam wiggled happily, trying to find a comfy spot on the paper-strewn sofa:

— 7 —

By the way, I’m going to host my first Twitter Party! I’m pretty excited about it, too 😀 It’s going to be a Nerium Wine and Wrinkles Party – BYOB, of course 😉 It starts at 7pm on Tuesday the eleventh, and some lucky Twitter follower will win a bottle of Nerium’s flagship product, the Nerium AD Night Cream ($110 retail value) at 8 pm. It’s going to be lots of fun, and you may get some gift ideas for Christmas! The hashtag for the party is #beautifulskin See you there!

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  1. Congrats on the good scores from the judges!!!!

  2. AWESOME comments from Judge #1 (with whom I concur, by the way)!

    Commas? Seriously? Get a grip and type your suggestion about grammar books in small letters, for pity sake!!!

    Boo-Hiss to Judge #3, who is too uptight to objectively judge ANYTHING. >-{

    And that’s my story. I’m stickin’ to it. Go Nano!!! 🙂

  3. PS: I am GLAD YOU ARE WRITING AGAIN!!!! (And THAT is worth all caps!) 😉

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