In My Jammies on Black Friday!


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I’ve done 99% of my Christmas shopping online for many years now. I don’t have the patience or the physical endurance for in-person shopping with the masses. But this year I’m hosting an 11-day Virtual Holiday Bazaar where you can buy gifts for everyone on your list from small business owners.  Your purchases, no matter how small, will help these people pay for dance classes for their kids, guy groceries to feed holiday guests, and in many cases simply help keep a roof over their heads. I like that idea much more than just being a number on a spreadsheet. It’s more in keeping with the holiday spirit!

small Bazaar Banner

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I’m going to be participating in this vendor fair and one other, and I’m very excited about it because it gives me a chance to get the word out about an anti-aging product for the brain that you may well not have heard of. It’s called EHT, it’s sold exclusively by Nerium (yep, the company that started out as an anti-aging skin care company just a few years ago!) and they do not advertise. So getting the word out about this wonderful brain health supplement, the product of twenty years of research and development in Princeton labs, is all word-of-mouth. So I’m ready to talk!

EHT msg

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So while I’m getting ready for a busy couple of weeks Michael’s been having a fairly interesting work week so far! He saw a large raptor in the middle of the road, obviously injured by a car, and turned around to block traffic. From its size, he suspected it was an eagle. He called me to get Raptor Rehab’s number (long-time Cub Scout parents to the rescue!) and by the time he had them on the phone had determined that it was a hawk with an injured wing. He called, but the volunteer manning the phones was the only one on duty, so he told Michael to try to get it off the side of the road. Yeah, right. We were paying attention when they talked about raptor beaks being designed to rip and tear flesh, and that an owl could pick up a small child if it wanted to. But Michael sort of “herded” it (in his city-boy way) off the road and it got up into a low tree branch, so it was safe for the time being. Good save, Michael! Then he had a delivery on a farm outside of town and had to open the gate, drive through, and then go back and close the gate before driving further. When he got back to the car there was a black lab sitting in the driver’s seat. Michael rubbed his ears and coaxed him out of the car. I was just glad he wasn’t transporting a human organ. It would be hard to explain to the transplant surgeon why a donor liver had a big bite gone and was covered in drool and fur.

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Is anyone else watching American Horror Story: Hotel this season? I just want to say I am blown away by Lada Gaga’s acting ability. I mean obviously she has a stage presence, but that doesn’t always translate well to conveying subtle emotions. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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I watched “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” on Netflix this week at Michael’s insistence. It was wonderful, painful, and such a brave gift for his family to give. If you’ve never lost someone close to you to dementia this will make it real for you. I went through two hankerchiefs and a dish towel in ninety minutes. And, of course, it reinforced my dedication to spreading the word about EHT. I don’t expect everyone to try it, just like I don’t expect everyone in the world to suddenly give up smoking. But I want everyone to know it’s available – for them, their parents, and their children. If you already know how horrific dementia can be, watch this twenty-minute webinar about a product that was developed to improve brain health: It runs every hour on the hour through Sunday, so please try to catch it while it’s still available!

— 6 —

We had a wonderful, quiet little Thanksgiving. Michael did nearly all the cooking, with just a little help from me and John. I managed just fine with all our traditional favorites. I love that with the gastric sleeve I can eat what I want as long as I get enough protein and my total portion size is still small. The “no snacking” part is tough, but I feel so good it’s worth resisting temptation!

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If you’re looking for more Black Friday sales (and later sales that I am not allowed to mention yet!) check out my Jamberry FB page. I’ll be posting all the details there, and trust me, there are some bargains you won’t want to miss!Here’s a teaser pic 😉

black fri

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