In Which I Admit My Lack of Knowledge of International Politics

— 1 —

For those of you who haven’t already heard, I did finally get a check from CIGNA for mid-May through mid-July.  And supposedly I am approved through mid-September (my next neurosurgeon appointment) so I should have checks coming in mid-July and mid-August, but I’m not holding my breath.  One interesting point is that a few days after I got the check I got the letter saying my payment had been approved (it usually works that way).  But the letter said that after my functionality exam they had “reversed their decision” and “reopened my case” to approve and pay me.  Really?  So at some point between mid-May and mid-July my claim was denied and my case closed and no one bothered to tell me?  Yep, keeping that letter for if/when I need to go to the commissioner of Insurance.  I also no longer have phone conversations with these people.  Email only, and I print everything out.

— 2 —

My youngest cousin was in a horrible car accident last week and is still in intensive care in Ohio.  His neck is broken and they have been unable to get him off the ventilator.  To compound the problem a huge medication error was made and he was given thirty milligrams of a sedative that is normally given in five milligram doses. Did you know July is the month in which the most mistakes by far are made in teaching hospitals across the United States?  It’s the first month of residency for new medical school graduates and as a nurse I can tell you most of these residents are completely unprepared for the real world of patient care.  Please keep him in your prayers – he’s a wonderful young man who is terrified, confused, unable to communicate, and looking at a long, painful road to recovery.

— 3 —

My husband sets his alarm his about ninety minutes before he really needs to get up.  He’s one of those people who wake up slowly.  I never really knew this about him because before my third surgery I had always been at work for several hours before his alarm went off.  He wakes and turns on the TV.  One of those shows where people sit on a sofa and talk about the day’s news.  Since I basically laid around like a slug, feeling like crap, all day yesterday today I poured myself some iced coffee and watched with him.  Good idea, right?  Not so much.

— 4 —

While my husband has strong political views and is well-informed on political and historical issues (I’ve always thought he’d make a fabulous history teacher) he doesn’t really want to chat about world events or answer my questions about international politics at six a.m.  Neither does he want to hear my rants about how wasteful is it for political candidates to spend massive amounts of money on their campaigns (yes, I know, it’s private money people have donated, but still!) when the economy of this country is in its current state.

— 5 —

Therefore, I will ask the question here and suffer the consequences.  Yes, I do realize that after reading this question you will wonder how I got through high school, let alone college, and probably stop following my blog in disgust, but please answer first.  Do other democratic countries throw this much money at political candidates?  Isn’t there a better way?  It’s only July and I’m already sick of the negative ads and mud-slinging.  And it’s not like we can just watch the news or read the paper to find out more about political candidates.  Two different station, two different papers, will give you completely different stories.

— 6 —

On a lighter note, I got John’s back-to-school packet with all the forms and his school supply list.  I do love back-to-school shopping, especially since I now have enough money in my bank account to cover more than pencils 😉  I will not, however, be going to the completely disorganized registration.  Last year I stood in line over two hours to turn in forms, was barely able to walk back to my car, then dry-swallowed two pain pills and a muscle relaxer and drove quickly home, where I stayed in bed for two days.  Not happening.  I’ll mail it in or send it all with John the first day of school, whichever they prefer.

— 7 —

Opening ceremonies for the London Olympics are today, and even though there will be no official recognition of the forty Israeli Olympians who were slain forty years ago today I will certainly be thinking about them and their families and praying for the safety of all the young men and women gathered for the Olympic Games.

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One thought on “In Which I Admit My Lack of Knowledge of International Politics”

  1. Smart move made by you to keep everything in writing with CIGNA.
    I’ll pray for your cousin. Sounds like he might have the makings of a lawsuit. How does a nurse not know and question the difference in the amount of meds? Staples is have good sales on going back to school items. I appreciate and enjoy your writing.

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