Individual Pizza Bowls

This is more a technique than a recipe.  I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives late one night, and they were at a place that made these huge pizza bowls.  They looked way too big, and way too cheesy, but I thought the technique was cool and decided to try it.

I used some ramekins I had in the cabinet, sprayed them with Pam, and covered the bottom with shredded mozzarella.  Then I filled them about halfway with a mixture of cooked, drained sausage (1 pound), 1 large can mushrooms, one small coarsely chopped onion that I had cooked with the sausage, a fistful of chopped basil and oregano from my garden, and a small jar of pizza sauce.

Then I rolled out a tube of refrigerated pizza crust, cut it into six parts, and draped one over each ramekin. (Michael helped, and those are his hands in the picture, not mine.  I do not have man hands.) I baked them according to the pizza crust package instructions (I think it was 350 degrees for about 6 minutes), and then pulled them out and inverted each one onto a plate.

I ended up adding some more shredded mozzarella, because they just didn’t look cheesy enough (I guess that’s why that other guy was on the TV with Guy and not me), but they ended up tasting pretty fantastic!

What a great way to use up some extra veggies and make a quick summer meal.  And since it’s frugal I’m linking it up to The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap, which is a great place to find frugal recipes every Friday!

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13 thoughts on “Individual Pizza Bowls”

  1. What a great idea! I can see this happening with lots of different fillings, shrimp and mushrooms, italian sausage and bacon, all veggie. This will work great!

  2. Yum. I have a tube of pizza crust that I was going to use for stromboli, but it may become this for dinner tonight instead… Also, you (meaning I, of course) could use this method for a berry cobbler of sorts. Canned biscuits, blackberries… oh yum. Ok, I’m going to stop hijacking your blog comments with my random thoughts and go cook something now.

  3. I saw that episode and thought the same thing! I’m so glad to see how they turned out for you. I think these would be fun for our family because we all like a variety of different things on our pizzas and this would keep everybody happy. What a great presentation too, huh?

    When I used to spend the night with my granny she always had those cheapie little pot pies and we turned them upside down and dumped them out of the pans to eat them (on our plat). These remind me of Pizza Pot Pies.

    Great to see your pics!

  4. Wow, I missed that episode (love Guy Fierri). Glad to have found this recipe. I agree wth all the comments here. Savory or sweet, either way great ideas are flowing. Thanks.

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